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Roc'h Arnev Island

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Vandal 5 Points

Great, just walk around and scribble on everything you find...

Yet another symbol 5 Points

So many symbols to find that you can get confused

Put your head up 10 Points

Some of these monuments are so tall!

Something's gotta work 10 Points

Try everything to get it moving somehow

All Saint's 25 Points

There are many saints on the island

Grail Quest 25 Points

The Holy Grail is certainly hidden here somwhere...

No need for a dictionary 25 Points

Translate this islander's language on your own

See the light 25 Points

These lighthouses are hiding something

The Doors 25 Points

Let's check what's behaind these doors

Wildlife lover 25 Points

You're bound to find some maritime animals when you're on an island

Globetrotter 50 Points

You just like to stroll along the nice landscape

Mystery unraveled 50 Points

Game completed

Got them all Achievements 100 Points

Collect all in-game achievements in one go

Author Comments

Go on an adventure and discover what happened to your deceased grandfather. Will you solve the mystery of Roc'h Arnev Island?

The game is based on andĀ inspired by real locations and the interesting lore and legends from Northern Brittany in France.

The spoiler free built-in hint system is no longer available unfortunately because my web page is dead, but I hope you'll still have fun.


Play in a browser that fully supports Flash like Mozilla (does not work in Chrome). And don't forget to enable Flash.

The file is quite heavy, please wait for it to load.



"?" - show all hotspots (in right bottom corner)

"T" - change font to more readable (in main menu left bottom corner)


game design, graphics, music & developpment by axoona


Thank's for P-Bot's Daily Picks, Frontpaged and Underdog everyone!! :)

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I love these type of games that are more than just plain and boring PnC where you expect keys to be poorly hidden and codes. the real life aspect of this game is fantastic and I love the history side of it too. One MAJOR problem. when you click on ? icon the page that loads has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS GAME! it seems to be site selling ladies fashion T-shirts. might wanna fix this.

axoona responds:

yes unfortunately someone reclaimed my domain :(
I erased all the links pointing there, it was uncool for the players.
Unfortunately with the server down, the spoiler free hints are also unavailable..
Happy you liked the game! cheers

According to author comments "does not work in Chrome"

Works in Chrome just fine and in fact I've fully completed out the entire game, all achievements, using Chrome browser. Just letting people know.

Of course at the end of 2019 it'll likely no longer work in Chrome (or Firefox for that matter) due to end of Flash support in the major browsers, but there will still be alternative Firefox-derived browsers in which it should continue to work way beyond that date, provided you have the NPAPI Flash plugin. These include Waterfox, Pale Moon, and Basilisk.

Great game, and fantastic use of using real life for this. However, I'm very disappointed at the fact that I don't really know what I'm doing to actually solve the mystery of Uzoc or whatever the riddler's name was, or what the grandfather was trying to protect. I feel lost all the time in this game, and it's an absolute pain in the arse to keep going to a lighthouse and not being able to enter it. I always expected something out of finding a mere symbol near it. And the lore of what the journal hinted at really made me excited to explore the island (whose name I still can't pronounce) until I found myself constantly looking over every nook and cranny of each lighthouse.
What I'm trying to say is that this game really needs a walkthrough.

I enjoyed the experience but I really didn't like much of the interface. Point and click (PnC) is better off having more doodles (puzzles, items, actions) than scenes, but the real life scenarios really make more than enough to compensate.

Real life photography/characters, even with a little tinkering, are great for experience. Some people say they are just a way to provide cheap nackgrounds because "snapping is easier than drawing". I strongly disagree - Taking photos already requires time & displacement, and they require some degree of knowledge to be good. Plus weather issues...

Puzzles were mostly kinda off (language/words one was on spot). Interesting lore, got me hooked till the end.

I'm actually, kinda torn at the moment. The subject of the game was extraordinary. The History lesson/vacation part of it. I felt like a tourist. The scenery was beautiful and the folklore was educational. For that, I applaud you.
However, I come to NG to play games and get medals, and that's where I'm rather disappointed. I understand your reasoning behind not wanting a walkthrough, and I respect that. Even though you added a "Spoiler free" icon to sorta help players out, it was of no use to me. Your "Hot spot" icon was very helpful, however. Unfortunately, it didn't help me get 4 of the medals. One, obviously, from getting all of the others. That's 3 places that I apparently missed. Despite the medals, that's 3 places I'll never see. I finished the game in which voids the 4th medal.
Don't get me wrong. Again, I love what you've done here. It's just that it's going to be conflicting with people. Some will be in it for the story and pictures aspect of it, and some for the game aspect.
I tried to reap the benefits of both, but failed in the end. It's quite possible that I could have done something wrong myself. I just doubt that I'll be the only one to miss out on some of the rewards from both aspects.
Good job, and I'm looking forward to the 2nd half.

axoona responds:

thank's for your comment.
I understand your frustration, I like getting medals as well and that's why I added some in this game.
However If you have trouble with some of the achievements, there is a detailed explanation (with spoilers) on each and every one of them on the game's website (https://web.archive.org/web/20181029011302/http://www.rocharnevisland.com/?p=482), which will hopefully allow you to get all of them.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2016
4:14 PM EST