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* Bug Fixes
* UI Changes
* Optimizations
* Removed the Screen "Press 'A' to continue"
* Controls Redefined - Can Jump a bit more High and will Float Less
* Added "Space" function to Some Buttons
* Changed Resolution to 960 x 540

Tiny Bud is the main character of the game which we control.
He is small and can simply walk and jump.

Little Bud is beaten up by the Red Wild Creatures while playing in the
garden and also the creatures cage Buds Mom & Dad and takes them

Little Bud follows Red Creatures to the jungle and meets the Butterfly

---- GAME MISSION-----
Tiny Bud now has to collect Flower in each Level and offer it to the Butterfly
and Butterfly will advance him to the next level


A nice LOOKING game but let me clarify one thing that I think would solve all the problems as far as Im concerned.

This is essentialy a platformer, and the platforming is horrible... something really went worng there didn't it!?
So the "plot" isn't really engaging but there's no need for such, and the visuals as whymsical as they are, apealling for a soothing vibe do help a little, but without proper controls, better phisiques for the jumping and running and a real dying need to re-think the level designe,then this game is fucking unplayable, I tryied I swear to reach the end but couldn't get past the second world by how frustrated itleft me, and because I had stuff to do.
1º: The walking speed has no exact momentum, since you start and stop too suddenly, a small increase on speed, or at least making the character move slightly sloer would help with hat, since your actual level designe requires precision.
2°: I don't have complains about your get in the lives sistem it's not bad and if the platforming was a bit better it would be even quite spot on, but as the game is now it's really annoying since you will need every single life you get to pass each world prpbably dying far too many times.
3º: I noticed that when going for a less thought precision and a more suicide aproach the platforming seemed to make more sense, since each space between the platforms seem to have been judged by someone who designed and tested alone, I mean someone who went through every level a couple of times always holding the left or right button knowing exactly where to jump, so to fix that you could either re arrange the speed and momentum of the jump allowing for the players to fix theyr position in mid air a bit more, or just make the platforms a bit more forgiving when talkinng about precision of landing.

all in all the only thing that saves this game is it's cute and soothing looks, wicch means that it could be a good designe for a child's "sleppy-time-book" but as a game... seriously you have lots to fix.

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I really don't like it.

Increlable Nice!!!!

PRGAMES responds:

Thank u @PapoFuradoPA

Whoever came up with these controls must be out of their mind.

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I really liked the graphics and the sounds and the little bud character (so the stars are for that )
but the controls make the game unplayable and the max number of lives just kills the pleasure of the game

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2.78 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2016
6:48 AM EST
Adventure - Other