Offended Woman

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Superhero, Offended Woman, saves the day with her power of offence.

Made in about 60 hours in Flash cs6

I hope you like and learn from it :)

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Nosy people always inserting themselves in the business of others. Good that she got ripped off. It looks very nice.

oh my god this is gold.

Good message regard forced "equality", feminism and all these horrible New-Age waves that struck society down making from humans nothing more than mere slaves of their own sins.

Other than the microphone death at the beginning, it was good.

Truthfully, this is just bad. The voices all sound the same, the animation needs some major polishing, and it's incredibly extremist in its point. I'm willing to bet money that out of the millions of years this planet has been around, not a single "feminist" (which this woman isn't, she's just stupid) would ever let herself get f***ed over so badly by a criminal just because he got called fat once. We won't "learn" anything from this at all, it's just enforcing the stereotype that feminism is just a bunch of useless BS nowadays, when it's really so much more than that. Feminism does a lot of things for people in first world countries, as well as people in second and third world countries that have to deal with ridiculously large amounts of oppression. The only thing anyone has "learned" from this is that you're a very messed up person that tries to get points across by improperly portraying an important movement through a "comedy" style that panders to the lowest of the low. Can you imagine what would happen if people did this to all movements that don't seem to be making great strides every second of every day in a first world country? How many blacks, asians, animals, and other oppressed/abused things with movements people don't always agree are making change 24/7 would be thrown back into a world of cruelty? Movements exist to increase and maintain the rights of the people it once saved, and these movements continue to do so even in small ways. So while there are feminists in first world countries who don't pick the best topics to fight about, none of them deserve this portrayal. Any people that do anything similar to this can not be considered feminist; they're only crazy people who haven't been admitted to mental hospitals yet. The exact opposite of a feminist's ideals, really. They destroy the movement through poisonous "extreme feminism".

nahtanojmal responds:

I can see how you would think that I was making a mockery of Feminism but, Feminism was not the topic I wanted to address. Offended woman encompasses the whole of society, not just women. I tried to portray that by having the whole crowd agreeing with her. Also if you noticed, one of the rational police, standing for justice, were female. Furthermore Offended Woman wasn't even fighting for womens rights, she was fighting for (male) criminal rights.

The point I hoped to make was that society as a whole can be too sensitive about minor issues, to the point of forgetting about major (more important) issues.

I'm sorry I didn't communicate my message concisely enough through this film. Hopefully you can look past my unpolished film and see the point I was trying to make.
Thanks for your review Emilie :)

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3.78 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2016
10:44 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 2nd Place January 17, 2016