A symbiotic undertaking

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Beta version. Known bugs: camera bounds are not set.

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Not sure what you mean by "camera bounds not set" but I tried to fix the display area being 3 times the height of the play area by hacking into the google chrome script and couldn't figure out how to do it for this one. The game does seem to try and start at 0,0 and yet it starts somewhere near the middle, with the play area apparently set correctly. Never had this problem with another game, so it was something the game induced.

Switching to full screen didn't fix the fact that my avatar was just a black void. I suspect that you applied the mask after the image. Mask should be applied first to remove the background where your avatar is, then apply the avatar in the void generated. Also I suggest that you make the mask the same as the avatar's animation to eliminate black space behind the avatar.

I was able to move sometimes with the arrow keys, but often not if trying to move up or down. (Web page tended to scroll instead.) Attacking mobs was sometimes possible and sometimes not, with no clear indication of why or why not?

It has been a while since you uploaded, so hopefully you get back to fix some of this and move it into true beta testing. (Currently it is like an early alpha that has been made overly accessible.)

A rule of thumb about submitting games to the portal: they're typically DONE, or to some lesser extent, MOSTLY DONE. This feels like a very, very early Alpha, and I don't see this moving beyond judgement. Sorry if this doesn't work out for you, but perhaps this'll give you more time to gather some off-site feedback.

GerardVega responds:

It is early alpha and has all the major components however, we see what you mean and found the problems the web builder is currently doing and are making changes. We will be put the more compatible game onto the server 01/21.
Thank you again for commenting.

75% broken... Blatently unplayable.

Dear GerardVega

At first I expected a 3D fps sort of game considering its made with Unity, but now I was met with loads of bugs that you need to fix plus the rest of the game that you need to improve on. I'll give you a list of whatever irks me in this game:

-enemies dont attack
-I cant attack, making the skills utilizing space, C & F are useless
-the enemies look like their moving pictures. They don't even look intrinsic enough in coherence with the character design of the protagonist.
-the movement controls are useless due to the fact it concurrently moves the browser window even when the mouse is already focused on the game screen.

Next time, please upload an acceptable working game before fishing for feedback if so. Anyways despite that, the game seems interesting. Its like a 2.5D action RPG. I'd like to see what it would entail in the future and how relevant is a "Symbiote" in all of this.

Hoping to also see a story in this too.

PS: This review and all opinions are solely based on First Impressions

Regards from a Struggling Youtuber

GerardVega responds:

No, thank you on your opinion. This game is in early alpha and needs to a point of view other than the development team. We see what you meant and will be adding more details into the game.

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1.77 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2016
2:59 PM EST
Adventure - RPG