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Robotube Renganax

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UPDATE! Thanks everyone for supoprting Renganax. In return for your kind words, I'll give you a totally silly password for this game: "OLD" Try it out.

Here's the re-release of Renganax, another game in my series of "homage to the classics" remakes. I figure if we didn't have classics, there'd be no modern stuff, right? I had to remove the original post of this game due to some problems it had. They've since been fixed.

Break through 16 levels of Arkanoid style action, collecting insane powerups along the way. Can you defeat the evil boss? He has a couple of weak points...try to find them!

After giving it thought, I decided not to let a handful of people's opinions get me down, so I've decided to just ignore it and continue posting. Hope you enjoy the game.

Visit www.robotube.com for more wacky stuff.

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cool game

very nice game and very fun grat graphic very edictive cool game keep up the great work maybe adding more nifty designs on this game would be a huge plus, and congrats on winning daily feature for this game it was a fun and entertaining game you have here.


That old?

This is a great example of how we had great games to play even with older versions of Flash. I really have to admire how good the graphics are in those one, and they almost look CGI! Everything about this game is interesting and original, even the little thing you use to control the ball! It has one of the best designs I have ever seen in a game like this. It is a fantastic tribute to the old Javanoid games and it also easier to complete a level, so you are not just waiting forever to beat it. I just enjoy the style.

Real passwords

Great game, just fix the mouse glitch.
To level 12 - PLAP
To final boss - TANACHO

pretty good

besides my mouse going out of the screen and messing me up.... along with my trackball sticking..... and the ball starting off in play......... that was really fun..... I especially enjoyed the powerup that superultramegasized my ball..... somehow I expected to miss it still......


i like this entry a lot i think it hass enough potential to rule out DX-ball. Just fix the glitches and make more power ups!