Spinny Pizza

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Click at the right time to make the spinning pizza fly into the mouth in this insanely addictive skill game! It may seem easy, but each level the mouth gets further and further away.


I can only get to 9 dang

yeah I don't regret the time I spent playing this one. Nice feel

Creepy music.

very good!

Suuuuuch a good game mate.
It's just lovely!

At first I was like "Hell, what is this sh*t?"
And now I'm like "How the hell does someone makes something so simple yet so good!?"

Srsly dude, it's a cool, simple game. You can earn skins and I'd love if there'd be some medals on that. It's cool, very cool.

You programmed it well I mean you have a mute button, the game stops when you click outside.
Only thing I'd look for is a faster load speed of the game, maybe it's also just the office PC here but 'ya know, I was kinda confused where I just saw nothing at first for like 5-7 seconds.

Also the layout is well made, you've got some nice textures for your objects there and well, I can't describe the beauty of that music d00d! I want that music! It's so cool!

Okay mate, well the only one thing you could handle a bit better is the loading screen. Some people are very in a hurry what this belongs to but as I said, maybe it's just me.
And because I'll be the first Review for your game, I think it's just me.

So, we gotta have another example of a good game here.
Keep 'em goin' like this and you'll make so good games, awesome as fresh twisty nipples you know what I'm saying?

Brolf/5 Stars
Welcome on the awesome list bro!

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2.87 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2016
2:45 PM EST
Skill - Other