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Pixel Doom: The Guardian of Ankh

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Leave your suggestions in the comments. Here are some Controls:


*[W, A, S, D] To Move Player
*[Esc] To Return Menu


*[Left Mouse Button] To Enable
*[Right Mouse Button] To Disable


*[Tap] To Run Action
*[Tap/Double-Tap] On/Off in Options

News [v2.130]:

*Fixed Mobile Error


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This is a nice but very, very,veeery short indiana jhones adventure, Im ok with the visuals being pixelated, it's ok even if a bit dumb looking but works fine, and the mummies look funny like that, on the other hand the music... seriously I had to mute it after a hyle because it's very short and loopinng makes it sounds awfully repetitive, one tip for game music, if it's for a level designe it more centered around melodic instruments not just rythm ones, in this case the "bongos" or else it will sound much more like an alarm clock and can induce pain on the ears because of the repetitive "bopdy bopp bo-bo-bp..." and now for the make or break part of a platformer, the controls.

It's very bland but does it's job alright, the momentum is kinda ok since even if you move a bit floatty and slippery life a flat box, it's forgivable since there isn't much precision required,and no lives sistem wich I kinda thank in this case counting the huge amount of insta-death traps everywhere, like the spikes, or the mummies that you pretty much can't avoid sometimes, the worst ones being the red (kinda) mummies, they are so crazy that they try by any means necessary to reach me, even glitching through walls, seriously WTF they fazed through the floor and then through the roof to god know where, that wasn't good but certainly hilarious.

as short as this game is, and as bad as it's platforming is sometimes it's not offesive by any means, I just saw something that managed to look nicer but play much, much worse, so if I can recommend you something is, fiz the glitching mummies, give a better feedback to when you are damaging the enemies with the torch coz right now it's really hard to tell when you are hurting them until they evaporate, and find a better music, no matter wich one but please consider it one of the top priorities... and also maybe add some more rooms if you can so the game won't feel so short.

I thought the game was ok. the jumping is bad and most spikes you just have to face the fact that they are going to get you. Its a bit short i think i was playing about 4 mins until i completed it, i did go into the scorpion pit once with no way to beat it tho lol

arrow keys and mouse as default? why would any person ever want that control scheme? do you have two right arms?

the options menu makes no sense and its completely unclear what the options do or whether they are on or off at any given time (or even what it means when they are on or off)

im gonna play through this a little bit, but you really need to know that you've made a game which will probably frustrate people enough that they wont even start the first level. you have to playtest this stuff before you upload it.

we dont have enough headroom to complete a lot of this platforming comfortably, and the jump doesnt work about 1/4 of the time, as well as frequently not allowing me to do anything but jump straight upwards with no control in midair. dropping through platforms is unresponsive until i press down multiple times. if you dont have responsive controls, you cant make a fun game, because anything beyond very simple platforming is going to just be frustrating instead of challenging.

what do the ankhs do? i just died after repeatedly jumping through the first anhk and being unable to pick it up. furthermore, we should have checkpoints or start at the beginning of each room if we die. i dont even want to play through the parts ive passed again, but im going to do it just for the sake of the review

after passing through the first door, my momentum carried over from the previous room and i immediately fell onto the mummy then onto the floor spikes without any control over the matter. i also repeatedly fell into the water in the next room before i even had a chance to catch my bearings.

so... the mummy died when it touched the torch? is there supposed to be some method of tricking it into doing that, or am i just supposed to wait? i didnt even notice this until i left the game idling to write this review

this room with the moving platform just after the one with the mummy is nearly impossible. i finally got past it and the game glitched out so i got stuck to the wall, then fell back in the water after a few seconds. i managed to get to the next room after about 20 tries. it's not even a difficult room exactly, it's just that its so difficult to control the player that the obstacle becomes insurmountable

these spikes are pretty much never avoidable. it's much easier to just walk straight through them because i know im gonna die and restart with full hp the next time i run into anything but the simplest platforming. aaaaaand now after an impassable jump which i assume was meant to be a trap, i am stuck in a pit with a giant scorpion. making me replay this whole area because of something like that just isnt good game design. i passed through the door above this and its literally the same exact area i just came from, just copy + pasted.

this is... idk. i dont make games myself and i recognize that it's not easy or simple, but this needs a lot of work. it's just not fun in its current state, im sorry.

Intresting but sometimes some unfair

Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2016
10:35 AM EST

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