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Ploxy's Renamon Parody

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Jan 14, 2016 | 12:18 AM EST

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Author Comments

Made this on March of 2015.

Now that it's in the Movie section, Give it what it deserves!

**This is the fourth animation with that white screen on the sides that i can't fix, WTF**



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm disappointed the slider broke when you re uploaded this to Movies. But it still deserves 5 out of 5 stars.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I may or may not made an account just to see your animations.
...Worth it.

Like totally worth it.

Thank you for your time. Your animations are really nice, it must take a while to make them. Your own time. Yet again, thank you!

I almost gave up, after not being able to find review button for a minute.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Somebody's being really touchy with criticism. Relax.

Look, it's a good loop but that doesn't make it a game; when Weebl uploads loops, they're categorized under movies, not games. Just because it has different speed settings & a playhead, that doesn't mean it's a game, I say this because I cannot interact with the contents of the SWF file. Maybe if there were different positions you could select from, it might count as a game but it's only a loop. It's too late now though, if you were to reupload this, you might get a lower score than before for reposting. First impressions matter a great deal.

What concerns me even more than that is the lack of a preloader, I got to stare at a blank white screen while the movie loaded. That immediately sheds off a bunch of points for presentation because I didn't even know if the movie would work. For future reference, here's a place where you can get preloaders for free:

They even have one that will autoplay for you & it only adds 11 kilobytes to your SWF file.

For what it is, the loop works but not perfectly. I noticed that the color on the ying-yang symbol on her left thigh loses color in one of the frames.

Her tail does this odd snapping motion where it bends inward suddenly & then regains shape throughout the remainder of the loop. I know that part was intentional but it was still distracting in how sudden it is. My recommendation is to use the onion tool to bridge the gap because as of this moment, it appears to be a graphical glitch to the naked eye, much like the actual graphical glitch on her thigh.

I also want to mention that I noticed that when her entire body bobs up and down, her breasts stay in place as if they're detached.

I am also not a fan of the way her back claws change shape throughout the loop despite there never being any real changes in perspective or position.

You may want to take a closer look at her right knee as it changes shape and expands vertically & it then deflates as if water were filling it and pouring back out.

Not to mention her right shoulder appearing and disappearing at what appears to be random at first but is revealed to be unfortunate upon closer inspection. If you reduced the number of times she stroked herself by a factor of maybe one, it wouldn't be so jarring. The other solution would have been to add more frames but that's more work and work is hard.

Finally, I find this more hilarious to watch than I do a turn on. Reason #1; her constantly changing facial expression. Reason #2; the rapid motion of her masturbating as she rides cowgirl on Guilmon. Reason #3; the ridiculous sound effects, perfectly synchronized though they may be, are exaggerated to the point of self-parody. Reason #4; her blushing blends in with her fur color and it looks ridiculous. I at first thought this an attempt at shading the slope in her face when I realize that the color was not a duller shade of yellow but a bland shade of red. Reason #5; despite having plenty of fluid appear on the penis, poorly I might add, there is none appearing on Renamon's crotch at all. In fact, I'm going to critique that now since I've just noticed this:

There is no mass to the fluid nor is there any light distortion or shadows. It's just a transparent color of blue set against a solid color of red with a brighter shade of blue for outlines, which shouldn't appear at all since it's a liquid.

Although this loop has smooth animation & completes a perfect cycle, the animation in it is actually quite bad as a lot of things lose & suddenly regain shape from beginning to end. Each frame of this on its own would look really good if not for the frames adjacent to each of them.

Lastly, I don't understand why so many of these sex loops come equipped with different speed settings because the default playspeed is already ridiculously high paced & it doesn't actually change anything apart from showing us how much animation work wasn't done when you play the video without filler frames.

Then finally the one thing everybody notices from the get-go. The blank, white strips on both sides of the movie. This does a whole new level of damage to the presentation since it breaks the atmosphere. I suggest fixing this by entering in the proper dimensions of the movie under the publication details or whatever the fuck is wrong with it.

Overall, this had a lot more potential than what was granted to it.

I know, I know, after reading the only well written & thorough criticism you've received so far, you're going to look through my movies, cherry pick the worst one you can find, no matter how outdated, & try to rub that smugly in my face as a way to dismiss my criticism. I know this because that's what all people like you end up doing. Having written that in advance, if you should go ahead and do it anyway, that means I win. Yes, I found a way to win and everybody still loses.

By the way, I find it rather funny how you removed your video and reuploaded just to delete my review. Too bad it doesn't work like that, my review doesn't disappear with the movie unless the movie was blammed while Under Judgment.

MrPloxy responds:

You wrote that same review with the other Version. Judging from the first line of your review , it's exactly how i remembered it. And oh! you actually gave a star this time.

Dude, am i hurting your ego so much that you just had to copy paste the same review? aww, poor guy. You're not gonna get remorse from me, Ya Donkey. Still the same bastard who told me to Fck off from newgrounds eh? hah, take a look, people want me here and so i want to stay. You're not gonna stop me.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey i remember this i wrote a review on this a little while ago i must commend your dedication to reviewers i've never seen anyone rip up a flash or animation and plop it in the next category i wish i could give you more than five stars cause you deserve them not only for this picture perfect animation but for your dedication there's nothing more i can say about the animation other than it's going into my favorites list i look forward to seeing your other work here on newgrounds and look forward to any work you might do in the future

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MrPloxy responds:

AWWWWW YiiiiiiiH! Cheers to future work!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not what I expected but not bad either. I've looked at your other submissions as well and your animation and attention to detail and shading is gednerally pretty good. I'd like to see you expand on your work but I think you shouldn't call these animations parodies, it seems misleading to me.

MrPloxy responds:

Just keep in mind that whenever you see Ploxy + Parody, it will mean something else XD