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Euro Voyage

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Author Comments

The time for the long-awaited vacation has come. This year you are planning to visit a number of European countries. You must collect the necessary drops of ink to paint the flags of European countries in the correct colors to pass levels. I hope You'll like this exciting match-3 game.

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medals dont work :/ nice game

First off, I did enjoy the game. Did not complete it, but did enjoy playing what I did. You definitely have some good elements here for your typical matching game, but also a few I would recommend as future improvements.

The good certainly starts with the music and animation. Really nicely done on that. The art is great and the animation of the paint dropping from row to row is clean. The music is also very engaging and enjoyable to listen to. I always think the music is good if I don't even notice or care about it looping and just enjoy it. I like you have an achievement system in place for awards and that you can pick this up and run with it pretty easily.

For improvements, I do have a handful. The work it takes to get 3 stars is pretty difficult. I played what I thought was an excellent round with several combos, not many moves used, and still fell to 2 stars. Maybe making the combos give you back some of that meter more or easy up on the loss you get per combine. I would have also liked a quick like 3 move tutorial soon as you jump in. Just a "you combine like this" followed by "you make combos to do this" ending with "You can combine all colors, but you want to focus on these in the bottom left". Just a simple 3 step tutorial would really end any initial confusion on what the goal is.

The last item I have (and this is just a personal pet peeve of mine) is you have achievements but no achievements here in NG. I really would recommend if your game has achievements, link them to ones here at NG that people can earn. You already have the system in place in your game, so you aren't really having to do too much to get that in there.

I do think though from a graphics, mechanics, and sound standpoint you have a really solid game here and I commend you on that. I think just a few minor tweaks to the difficulty and initial tutorial would really elevate this to something that'd even do great on iTunes or Google Play. Nice job and keep up the good work!

Romania has blue in its flag not black!


Game is really well made. Music is addicting - it was after I turned off music thatr I could get away from the game. I love that blocks are dripping (and that it takes bubble time to drop), bubbly sounds and reaction as you press blocks.

I enjoyed the fact that the game is build around concept of killing blocks of specific color. In most match I jsut go for matces in last row which usually leads to some other mathces which leads to me winning the level. This was not the case here and that's great. I actually was forced to hunt for blocks of color or bonus matches instead of applaying last row tactic. By forced I mean taking the color matches over others that in any other match 3 would make a better choice.

I liked that flag paints itself but who has time to watch it so it ends up it's kinda nice but you don't have time to enjoy this mechanic anyway.


The problem with this game is that it's match 3 and in it's pure form the genre is burn out. We've all seen we all played it. The game is lackigng a metagame. Something that will make me go from 17th to 18th level without thinking it's just another level. For some games it's city building for others there are rpg elements but pure match 3 is no-no.

Game doesn't seem to get more diffficult as it progresses. The difficulty depends only on the proportions in the flag - more proportional tends to be easier.

No NG thropies - this is always a let down when game introduces achievement but doesn't bother to add NG trophies.


Well polished game but lacking soemthing extra. I usually would rate it 3 but since it managed to get me into that one more level mode (which lasted 7 levels ) I'm giving 3.5.

RandomBC responds:

Thanks for good feedback. I just fixed Romania, thank You for bug report!

A polished, but mediocre match-3 puzzler.
I like that you can match while other match combos are still going on, and the idea of filling up a flag with color is inventive, but the gameplay feels like every single other match 3 puzzler out there.
But I'm also pretty doubtful that this one guy (with few to no credentials on his page) actually put together a game like this. Though I can't say for sure it's stolen, I'm hesitant to believe this is his work- which is another reason I'm not giving it any more stars.
I'd also give more stars if there was more variety on each level, or if the country's flag you were working on had any impact on the level.

RandomBC responds:

Thanks for feedback! The art was made by my friend Reshetnyak Igor (RISS) who doesn't have account here.

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2016
5:22 PM EST