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Hacker Mind

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A philosophical robot sets out to destroy what’s left of the endangered human species. Only a rogue cop can stop the robot in time.

The film utilizes a multimation or "multi-media" approach in how it was animated. For instance there is a mixture of traditional animation, and special effects. On top of this all images were done with various mediums including photographs, digital painting, oil paint, water color, crayons, a toy car, clay, charcoal, Japanese calligraphy ink, and there's also a photograph of rubbed sage that was utilized somewhere. The result is a unique approach and hopefully a unique viewing experience.

*Error, voice of "Blake" was Rob Reilly (aka Son23) 11/20/2018

*Extended Cut 10/6/2020

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MUCH better. This was good.

Tsundere-Q responds:

Lol, thanks. Honestly though I think this is merely a stepping stone for me. My next project will be much better. Thank you again :D

pretty good job

Tsundere-Q responds:

thanks bro :)

dear RenaissanceGrounds

Wow you guys again! You've been posting lots of films here and there and I thought this was just another , (Pardon me) mediocre film but as you mentioned in your author's comments. This was an animation smorgasbord made Implemented with various mediums. Well done. Everything was well executed and well made. From the graphics, the drawings, the special effects, the story, the sounds and music and even the voices all were intriguing enough to engross my attention till the end. Kudos! Have a Chunky Cookie!

PS: This review and all opinions are solely based on First Impressions (grammar is not my thing SHUT UP!)

Regards from a Struggling Youtuber

Tsundere-Q responds:

Hello Etriuswimbleton, and thanks for watching and writing such a detailed response.

Back in 2012 I made a flash announcing Hacker Mind, I was even going to make the film exclusive to Newgrounds. The film ended up being bigger than I realized and I realized I could never release it as a flash. It's out on my YouTube, deviantART, and Vimeo channels with slightly better graphics.

Once I realized Newgrounds was letting people upload VIDEOS (not just flash) I went crazy and uploaded the best stuff I made... since then I've gone back and deleted live-action and/or Newgrounds type stuff :P

p.s. nice job w/ your youtube channel.