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Happy Birthday Kay

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This was an animation I made back in 2014 for a friend on her special day. Hope you guys enjoy :)

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What means "kainan na" ?

I liked it! :D

aw, she's cute, and evil, I want her...
I didn't bother to count those candles though...

Cute, simple, and I like the art style. It's everything it needed to be. Some small touches would help though, such as skipping the generic "record scratch" noise and letting the music fade out instead of just ending abruptly. Other than that, great job. I'd like to see more of your work on the front page.

But if i could make one note, would be: put a laught (smile) in the last frames...
the girl has a cute face, and the sound of a inocent smile would be more fun.
Just a tip, ok?
Good job!