Tower Matrix

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dodge obstacles while climb the tower
each character have a unique power up

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The game has potential.

The controls get stuck sometimes, and the art looks like it was rushed

Simple but functional. Would maybe make a decent mobile game? Would definitely like to see the graphics cleaned up, and also an explanation as to what the 'Power' does.

dear GGMagenta and KolbyAvery

Well that was a...Game. Pardon me but the only enjoyable thing here is the determination when it comes to beating the high scores. Anyways I see where this is going. It works like the game platformers where you avoid obstacles and get coins while doing so. However Let me sort the flaws out in a list so for you to better understand what's wrong here...based on my opinion:

-It lacks SFX
-The obstacles come at you one at a time and it doesn't progressively get harder
-Some of the unique powerups each characters have are redundant since the obstacles are really not that big of an issue
-There are only 2 kinds of obstacles here. And thats that actually, I would suggest adding a bit more.
-You can only climb the tower in one place. I would suggest having the character ACTUALLY climb the tower upwards as he continues to face more obstacles in his wake.

Anyways this game seems barebones in fact. But it doesn't mean its all bad. You guys should need to work on it a bit. But kudos anyways for the effort into making a working game. BTW nice touch with the shop and all. I would suggest upgrading the stats of the character too if you can find a way to implement that in game. But all in all, good job but it lacks a lot of things that would greatly make this interesting to play in.

PS: This review and all opinions are solely based on First Impressions

Regards from a Struggling Youtuber

I had fun even though i am terrible at it.

Pretty simple. Pretty fun. I could see wasting some time with this.

I like the music! Even if it didn't fit with the game lol...

Credits & Info

2.48 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2016
7:08 PM EST
Skill - Avoid