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TD-The Network

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Ever wish you could just walk up and talk to that cute boy or girl across the room?

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So the world changes and some things stay the same this was a nice film and you present your ideas well with this one your visual output is very nice and I like the ending here so nice job I hope you make more like this and real soon

Make more animation like this they are a unique bunch


2:44-3:00 is exactly where I have been for a while now. This episode has really legitamantly changed the way I see things. Thanks man. Also I love all the TD life stories your doing some great suff.

IRC and Emailing is still very much alive (much like this site lol) great vid.

So much nostalgia in this episode! :D ICQ still has the coolest name of any messenger, or community, or modern form of socialization via something else than verbal exchange. Another great episode!


I like that Community reference.