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Hulk's Biggest Fan

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Bam! Episode 3 of the Biggest Fan series.

So glad I'm done with this one, I started it in 2015 but had to stop due to some freelance projects and now it's finallyyyy finished!

Hope you don't feel like I've wasted 2 minutes of your life.

Lub you.

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So this was nice I like this one with the hulk I guess that charchter really s a super fan you represented some nice entertaining fun here I had fun with this one and was a good film all together I hope to see more from you

Make more episdodes


lol man, didn't see that one coming! :D Hmm biggest fan or craziest fan? Looks like he and the Hulk have that personality disorder thing in common too. :P Once again: awesome work. Couldn't have spent my two minutes much better than this! Thanks for entertaining.


oh man, dude.... dude. DUDE!


Lob you. hehehhe see what I did there?

anyway, awesome short, my bruddah.

That toilet scene... you ARE aware of the fact that people who overindulge in steroids often get GIGANTIC zit boils on their skin, and sometimes near the injection site? you could totally do a short on that alone!
guhhh icky toilet scene, CURSE YOU VISUAL MEMORY! CURSE YOUUUUU hahah.

good job, bro. good job.

MisterHerbal responds:

Thank you my sister from another mister. You know I always appreciate your feedback. Lub you .

I'm liking the series so far, but I have one problem... and it is such a small one that it only takes .5 stars away from you... but when he takes the syringe he does not take the steroids from the drawer and then he shuts it. The roids are still in there, but he uses them next scene...

Other than that the animation was somewhat well done, and the voice acting could use some more work... well more of a Grunting... but still... its not really the actors fault but more of a editing error making it seem off beat to the rest of it...

Total: 4 Stars

MisterHerbal responds:

Hey man I appreciate your honesty and I also was aware of the steroid int he drawer, I just shrugged it off as him having more stash around the house but I totally get the way you saw it.

As for the voice acting, I don't do much verbal animations so it's kind of new to me. Will get better with time.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Laughed pretty hard at the toilet joke. Good overall.