Seasons: Winter

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So here is my the first of a series of short films. Starting with the film Season: Winters.

Now if you don’t want to hear me ragging on my short I will spare you all that by telling you to skip this post/deconstruction of my short. For me this short was a test of some sorts to see where all my flaws are and where I need to fix/improve on so if you don’t like these kinda things I’d recommend just skipping all of this text as I’m using it as a test results area. So lets begin what went right with the short and what went wrong with it!

-Visuals: For once in my life I was actually quite satisfied with a lot of the visuals for myself, I think this was a big step for me animation wise as in the past I didn’t quite enjoy any of my short/animations because of how awful they looked, but I feel like I brought a big visual pay off in some respects. To me that is a big relief as the last 2 years has me taking a break from animation to form a better eye for visuals so the results are quite a a confidence booster in some areas.

-Ebb and Flow: This was a big problem for me, in animation the push and pull of an animation makes it or breaks it, and for me in this particular Short film I felts it was quite obvious how awkward the pacing of the short was. And no it was not on purpose in any sort of the matter even if you felt like that was the case, it was due to my inexperience as an animator that I couldn’t fully grasp the spacing between scenes and shots. Overall this is probably my biggest flaw of the entire short as this is a recurring problem with a lot of my animations.

-Mistakes and editing: This was another area I seem to have problems with every time I snag a long project. There were just many small mistakes here and there that set me back or disheartened me in a lot of ways so come next short I will be cracking down on myself to not miss the small things.

-Deadlines: Once again I let my schedule get the best of me, I had set to release this short by by Christmas time, but by the timestamp of this short coming out you will probably notice that was not the case, I will make sure to be much more cautious about my future posting on animation dates because of how vicious and time consuming they can actually be.

-Overly Ambitious: Quite close to my own insane hilarity this one is a double edged sword of the latter! My overly ambitious personalty wanted to make this the most beautifully, impactful, super animated short I’ve ever created and it sure has been a milestone for me personally as an animator how far I’ve come but my frail human body just wasn’t up to snuff so it left parts of the short in shambles while others in very good rights. This goes back to spreading the wealth throughout the entire short instead of leaving some areas bare bones which is why I will be keeping a big eye out for that as well. But with all doubled edges swords there was a positive side to my overly ambitious attitude and that is I am roaring to improve all of the things above and keep on making shorts!

So if I was to have to grade myself throughout this short I have to give myself a: C+

See you in the new year with more shorts! Woo!


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I don't understand much about animation, so I can't help, but this was really well made!

NathanPuray responds:

Hey thanks so much!

The art was decent but you forgot to render their eyes at some parts.

NathanPuray responds:

Fair, but not very helpful. Thanks though! :)

this is awesome, and i can't wait to see where you're going with it.

NathanPuray responds:

Thanks Tyler! :) More to come!

I thought this was very well done. You have an excellent understanding of pacing and scene composition. The choice of music was very well suited for the tone you were trying to convey. One thing I liked above all here was the voice acting. It felt natural and sincere. When you see a lot of shorts with voice actors, I find a lot of the time the dialogue feels strained and disjointed you did a great job making the characters believable. I'm digging the style too. it feels very soft in the best way possible.

Don't worry about being overambitious. I do it a lot when I create an animation. it's easy to do. Just keep challenging yourself.

Keep up the great work.

4.5 stars as nothing is ever perfect.

NathanPuray responds:

Thank you this critique was very helpful!

This is kind of cute. :) Seems like a typical romance anime. ^^; Maybe Key Visual Arts like Clannad with the sad ending.

No offense, but the animation seems a little awkward, but I guess from the description you're already stating that you're new to this.

Well, we all have to start somewhere, right? Keep at it. :)

Also, I could tell from the name that this was going to be a series. Which reminds me, I want to see more of that series with the reaper girl which oddly might be a romantic comedy, but I forgot what it's called. XD

NathanPuray responds:

Thanks! This was very helpful, the story will make more sense with more installments of shorts! This was the intro into it. Also I believe the anime your talking about is: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

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Jan 8, 2016
6:32 PM EST