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Why The Woods Whisper

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After being told they can't do adult things because they're eight, Andi retreats to the backyard to sulk over being treated "like a baby." A strange Friend appears from over the fence and invites Andi to play at their house in the woods. Andi knows about "stranger danger" but this new Friend surely has the best intentions for Andi... Right?

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I got to the cabin and nothing happened. The characters movement speed is abysmal and the objective are convoluted and too abstract. I also often can't see the main character or get a sense of direction which is a problem I never had in the old resident evil games. Also I can guess the twist ending from the opening scene.

this game reminds me of the first resident evil

This game turned out a lot better than I first expected! The transition between illustrations in the beginning to the 3d graphics was an abrupt change, but, otherwise, there's really nothing I can complain about. It was interesting to see the plot develop as much as it did while picking up the newspapers, but I am a little disappointed that the "Friend's" location was unknown at the end of it all.... But, growing up in an area where "stranger danger" was a life or death case, this game perfectly illustrates both the dangers curiosity can bring about.

I loved the story and the atmosphere of this game! But there is a very annoying glitch. And I see in other peoples reviews they had the same problem.
I figured out why it glitched though. When you come to the fork in the road where this sign is: "NORTH OAKS COMMUNITY - NORTH. LAKE KANE - EAST. TRAPPER CABIN-SOUTH." DO NOT throw away your trash. That's what causes the glitch. Just keep it.

that music... I think I heard it in a Hyptosis flash... ? who made it?

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3.11 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2016
4:06 PM EST