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Castle Invasion

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Author Comments

Defend your castle against an evil army! Use crossbows, rifles or cannons to shoot the enemies and cast some deadly spells on them. Earn gold for doing this and upgrade your castle with it. Unlock achievement rewards to progress faster.

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Would be a really cool game if not for the bugs I've found. Twice now the game has gotten to a point where there are no longer any enemies coming and yet the level keeps playing as if there are. With no way to cancel the level and go back to the menu(s) I have to refresh the entire page which then brings up that I've completed the right amount of levels and my upgrades say I've purchased them but they don't appear in the level. Also, all my weapon upgrades and mana/spell upgrades are missing in this case. If not for this substantial set of bugs this would be a pretty cool game!

TeamBiscuit responds:

Thank you for creating this bug report. We believe that the upgrades and weapons issues are fixed with the new update, although we can not restore the lost weapons. We will be looking into bug with level not ending, right now you can press "P" to pause the game and quit to the level select screen.

After loading the game the next day, everything looked good. Till i started the next level. No upgrades had there effects. I only had the default weapons, i wasn't able to equip all 4 weapons although the upgrades has been brought, no health regeneration, the last weapon set was replaced by the default set, ....

And the descriptions of the upgrades are a bit too less in my mind. You don't even telling us the damage of the weapons. And i didn't saw any difference after upgrading the blacksmith ...

So, i enjoyed playing your game yesterday, but won't start over today.

TeamBiscuit responds:

Thank you for the bug report. This issue shall be fixed by now, although we can not restore the lost weapons. We will try to make everything include more information in next updates.

Game play is great but the art isn't if you got better artist than it would be a great game but still I rate 5.

What I liked:
- good animations
- pleasant music and sound effects
- solid gameplay with plenty of content (levels, upgrades, enemies etc.)
- health bars above enemies with damage indicators
- good weather effects that don’t distract from the gameplay
- decent blood effect

What could use improvement:
- a couple of bugs (list at the end)
- lack of instructions
- mediocre graphics
- rifle seems out of place
- difficulty targeting enemies

I really enjoyed this game, it was fun, addictive, and kept me interested. Regardless, it had its fair share of short comings. First, the background mountain texture, castle texture, and large enemies' white head all seem sub-par. Furthermore, the rifle, while fun, seems out of place in the medieval (I’m assuming) times this game is set in. Lastly, there are times when an enemy that I want to kill is behind another, so I can’t hit him, even though they are a great distance apart. Despite these criticisms, I found this game to be enjoyable.

Bugs I found:
- game may at times continue even if health is 0 or -1
- blood effect is rendered above enemies, which looks odd (this may be intentional behavior)

TeamBiscuit responds:


Thank you for playing and sharing your opinions. We will fix the bugs and will try to use the improvements that you shared with us. And somehow you're right about rifles(about being out of place).

I like the concept, but there are some problems with the game.

1. You can only make it to level 5. Once you get to level 5, you lose repeatedly. You cannot beat this level because you cannot defend well enough against both giants and their army. You also can't build up enough upgrades to defend well because you earn very little and upgrades are expensive.

2. The crossbow is crap. It's hard to accurately judge where it'll hit. Sometimes it's a one shot kill, sometimes it barely makes a dent. This is increasingly annoying when you miss often or don't do nearly enough damage against enemies. Especially once you reach level 5.

3. No one is going to want to repeat levels 1-4 over and over again to build up the money they need to upgrade enough so that they can actually beat level 5.

4. Make the crossbow fire on it's own, like a defense turret. Auto aiming and auto firing.

5. I want my own troops or more turrets. By the looks of upgrades, that's gonna take forever.

6. Make upgrades and level rewards compatible. You should be able to upgrade to the point you need in order to beat whichever level you're on. It shouldn't come to a complete halt at any one level like it does with 5.

TeamBiscuit responds:

Again, thank you for sharing the opinion. We have understood that early levels are not very fun and are too difficult for many players. The update unlocks more fun features from the game start, which will address most of the issues you have described and wanted to be in the game. Please, note that some of the upgrades are designed to be bought at midgame and endgame.

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2016
7:50 AM EST