Giant Ant Nest Mystery

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In this game, you’re trapped in a giant ant nest. Queen Ant is looking for her baby, help her and she will set you free. Good Luck and Have Fun!


Interesting. It´s short and easy, but still a lot of fun

What a unique adventure interacting with ants! Puzzles are easy, but the dark environment can hinder one's search. For example, it took me some time before I found a crack on a stone.

When I found the baby ant, I was like "gross". The queen ant can have it right away.

Fun, quick, point and click game. I missed only one of the bonus crystal formations so I didn't get all the stars, but I can always play again :) anyway as far as the puzzling aspect is concerned it was pretty straight forward. I only got stuck on the last one where you have to click and hold, then drag the boulder aside to get the larva. Also, it would have been neat to have two different endings. One where you find the baby or one where you bludgeon the queen to death with the sledgehammer like the evil bastards we are! Muhahaha....

Pretty fun stuff. I'd recommend you make the crack where you use the sledgehammer a little more clear or have some sort of clue that suggests you need to use the hammer there. Otherwise a fun quick little romp.

Wow, what a cool Escape game! Great graphics, intense BGM and don't get me started with the puzzles. I'll definitely be checking out the games you publish on this site.

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2.98 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2016
2:52 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click