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Welphie's Night Out

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In a deep dark dungeon Welphie goes almost unnoticed. Full of hideous monsters and forbidden treasures, Welphie's home is often invaded by intrepid heroes, but he has no interest in fighting them.

Today was Welphie's birthday, and it was shaping up to be a dreary affair, that is until he found something left by one of the heroes... a smartphone! Time to hunt down those dungeon monstrosities for some birthday selfies!

This game is a humorous hunt-click that you really can't lose. Anyway, I hope you find it amusing.

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Very good, now if we could battle the classic monsters.

This is a good looking game. Art = 5/5, Audio = 4/5, Gameplay = 0. There's nothing to do here. I would love to see you do something different and more challenging with these characters.

not bad

Ok, so I don't usually like games like this, but I really enjoyed this game! It was cute, and had just enough story to make the very simple game play a little interesting. The graphics were great, the monsters were varied and creative, and the whole thing was generally amusing. I didn't have the issues others had with some monsters taking too long to appear, but maybe that's because I played kind of 'flash card' style, where I flipped from one room to the next very quickly. I found this also added a small element of challenge, because I had to be careful not to skip a monster without taking the selfie.

What would make this game really amazing would be some other gameplay element. I really loved the suggestion another user had for incorporating puzzles. Regardless, as it is it's a fun little game!

You can not even call this a game... The idea was great but why monsters appear only on the base of pure luck? If there was a short riddle or puzzle to solve in each room to summon a creature it would be a great game (with whole voice acting and quite appealing graphics). But in this version it's not very good.

BLHull responds:

It's pretty childish i realize lol, the whole point is to see and hear the different monsters.

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2.55 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2016
1:10 AM EST