My Love, My Life

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This is my second game...hope you like! Give your opinios in the comments. Here are some constrols:

* [Arrows] To move Player
* [Esc] To Return to the Menu

News [v1.15.6]:

* Bugs Fixed
* Upgraded Textures
* Improved Sounds and Animations
* Game a little easier

Note: I'm from Brazil then please do not repain the translation :p


This game is alright, the graphics are nice except that the character looks like he was made in MS Paint.
Also it needs to be more obvious what's a hazard and what's not, I ended up just running into several objects thinking that they weren't dangerous.

This game is hard although graphics seem cute. I am really bad at jumping and crossing gaps.

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Tá legalzinho mas precisa melhorar aqui e ali ein =p

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Tanooki81 responds:

Vlw cara :D

This game is very shabby. The graphics are all it has going for it. The controls are bad, and there is no sound?

This is 2016! I love games with the old graphic style but NO SOUND?

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Im normally not a fan of rage games... Actually, Im NOT a fan of rage games...at all.

But with that said, the cute graphics and delightful music made me keep playing for longer than expected. With those two positives in mind, I tried to not be too bias in your rating. I just personally dont have the patience or care to play games like this.

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Credits & Info

2.63 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2016
4:00 PM EST
Adventure - Other