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Deep Hunt

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Invade the human organism and become an immortal virus evolving during your exploration, but be careful, the antibodies will try to fool your sonar sense to catch you!

Read more about our recent journey on Game Development: http://beagamemaker.com/

We are planning to polish the game, so you can expect a sightly improved gameplay based on your reviews soon. Feel free to make your suggestions!

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Wow! I had played this game yesterday (i'm not sure)! And it was a little....how to say...it lacks some important things! Anyway, i liked it overall and today i came to show a friend the concept that in several parts seems like Spore and what i found? Just what i would like to find! Better tutorial, better movimentation and some art upgrades! Very fine art and music, but lack some changes during the game! You should put more elements, like itens, new cells and Perhaps...a boss! =)

pcsantosf responds:

I'm really glad to read it! The game is still in a kind of Alpha version, we're polishing it according to the feedback, so you can expect more changes during the week :)
In our blog you can check some of the changes we plan for future versions, including a mobile app: http://beagamemaker.com/
Thank you for the review!

Guys, i just loved the concept! I couldn't stop playing until complete the level (it took me about 30 min)! The music and art are great (very nice light creatures and effects). It would be very nice to add some levels or to put some powerups/ new obstacles! Please make me to play more!

pcsantosf responds:

It makes me really happy to read it! We still adding some elements, and our focus now is exactly on the movement and level design: new enemies, possible bosses, new dynamics, powerups. We'll make sure all plans for the future goes to our blog: http://beagamemaker.com/
Thank you for the awesome review!

Interesting concept, and the music is great I think. But the movement isn't as fluid as I'd like. Seems that I move different distances with each click, and there's a slight cool down between jumps, so it's kind of hard to run away when something is barreling down on you, especially when moving down a long hallway.

As for advice on how to make it a little better, maybe include some images on the opening instructions. Dodge the antibodies...ok, but what does the antibodies look like? There's more than one type after all. Find the four enzymes (also, you spelled enzyme wrong)...things are easier to find when you know what to look for.

Anyway, good game, haven't played another one quite like it but it does have a few flaws. And that music is catchy as hell! 3.5 stars.

pcsantosf responds:

Thank you for the tips! We made a big update today following your suggestions. Now we're trying to improve the movement without breaking the gameplay. I hope you like the new Deep Hunt! :)

Credits & Info

2.43 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2016
5:36 PM EST