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If you havn't seen. Watch ALFA VS Umbrella. This is a sort of "what happens next if they met one punch stick" - watch it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe-IWFYd4Ps

This is a new series of 1 punch stick. My version of one punch man put into stick fighting.

this took me about 4 days to make ^^. I'll do a next episode depending on how this goes.

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The animation looks unnatural and the music is unfitting.

Dreamimate responds:

Thanks for the advice but I already knew that. I was still a beginner to animation at the time. I wouldn't say I'm professional now but if you want to check out the last episode of series, I made a new channel called imperfectdreamz. I think the last episode is a lot better than previous ones. Never the less of appreciate the feed back. Maybe tell me what you think of how I've progressed? Thanks.

Gah, I really wanted to see One punch man's face at some point in this video. It's his expression that really gets me hyped and confirms his identity in the animation. Overall the graphics quality was all right, though it seems you may need to put some more effort in refining the characters outlines - I noticed that only the rump and knees of the first two stick figures do not have a black outline around them, so it kind of ruined the overall neatness in the artwork.

Other then that, the video wasn't too bad.

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Dreamimate responds:

were gonna see his face in the next episode. Also the outline was something I couldn't fix during the animation process so i had to leave it. I tried fixing it but then the parts didn't look good. They looked like they were seperate and not part of the body. I will try and fix the issue if i can but if i can't just consider it my animation style. Thank you for the feedback !

lol, didn't seem legit in the series. :) I guess some things might be different here!

Nice seeing a tribute to this awesome anime, in stick form none the less. The motions feel a bit slow though, Maybe you're going for a slow motion effect, but at the start of the fight for example, it just looks like they're slowing down. Also, that green guy, is he supposed to look old? If he is the cyborg (Genos), those crinkles under his eyes might be a detail that emphasizes age more than you want.

Well,looking forward to the next ep; seeing how this series unfolds! The 12 episodes of OPM weren't nearly enough. :)


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Dreamimate responds:

LOL ty xD Your comment is very much appreciated. This is my first animation so excuse it for being bad? The green guy is known as as Alfa or FLLFLL. He is a popular stick man and yh he is old. I would reccomend watching Alfa VS umbrella. It will all make sense after as this is like a "what happens next".

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Jan 1, 2016
12:42 PM EST
Comedy - Parody