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Deaths (Level 1)
1. EdwardBoys 0
2. www119 0
3. Npromin1 0
4. AlexanderXtreme360 0
5. fuckoffasshole 0
6. NeonSpider 0
7. badlustersoldier 0
8. GuyUngerNL 1
9. EdmilsonJnior 6
10. djack 6
11. JkLoser87 7
12. DoomLegacy 7
13. ROCKAS112 8
14. zaec123 8
15. jebouin 8
16. Optimos 10
17. AlejoE 11
18. Spokojny 11
19. seba5200 11
20. DiscOH 12

Author Comments

For the first time, you decided to take part in this hoverboard race inside a forsaken temple. Can you win the race? :]

- Arrow keys/WASD to move.
- M to mute musics/sounds
- F to change the framerate (Helps if the games runs too slow)

The soundtrack is now available for download here: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/2b230848553a6b9020aeb685a05b043f

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Update For Easy Mode! New Mode
Easy Mode - Taking the Game With No Bomb and available the check points for every pages.



Meh. Also, why the need to record deaths? I never understood why people insist on putting it in their games.

Game was hard as fuck, but I enjoyed the time I wasted.

It reminded me a lot of duke dashington (which is good). The difficulty became insane, but I still managed to beat it with 174 deaths. I'm not even gonna try the achievements, that's borderline impossible.