Space Paws (Alpha 0.15)

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Thanks to all the reviews made on 0.10v we bring you an improved version on NG.

Here's changelog:

-Added day event with Alison
-Previous H-scene with Roselyn is animated and interactive now
-Added a new H-scene with Roselyn
-Added attribute text when training
-Added sprouts room (it hasn't any relevance in 0.15v)
-Added a hint in the cave's puzzle
-Right upper corner menu is more visible
-Changed Alison's outfit when awakening
-Alison silhouette/breasts has been modified
-Mouse-over labels with description of the event
-Studying costs now 40 energy
-Charming costs 30 and raises up to 3 points
-Impressing Roselyn needs 20 charming points (instead of 60)
-Riddles have been resized to 5 (the easier ones) instead of 10
-Roselyn Quiz has been resized to 6 instead of 10
-Added in Roselyn's Quiz right or wrong sounds
-There're 3 provisional endings (Alison route, Roselyn route, Losing time route)
-Minor changes on some dialogues
-Some grammar mistakes were corrected

Early January we expect to release a newer version only for patrons, so if you've enjoyed it consider supporting:


There's donwloadable version on our blog:

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how much effort did you put into this game

I myself do not like the text based games. the art is great though.

It is good to see a content creator who can receive constructive feedback and implement it into their future content.

1. The addition of an Allison scene: In the previous game, Allison was shuffled out of the scene as soon as possible, leaving the player no choice but to pursue a relationship with the Queen alone. This has added variety to the game, though the addition is somewhat limited. I will expound upon this later.

2. The addition of visible checks: Unless one did careful experimentation (Or simply read the comments), the player had no way of knowing what levels in strength, intelligence and charm were needed to progress and pass the skill checks. One in particular was the charm level needed to charm the Queen, which is now visible. I understand that the charm level required to seduce the Queen in the previous version was at a unusually high level?

3. More sex scenes (Spoilers): Granted, it was a foreplay scene between the Queen and the player character in the forest, but a nice touch nonetheless.

4. The addition of regular stat addition to the training facilities on board the ships was a welcome exchange. In the previous version, one had to rely on the RNG to give statistic additions of 3, 4 or 5. I am glad that this is not the case here, with energy level requirements adjusted correspond to the stat additions.

What could be improved:

(Keep in mind that I have only played versions 0.10 and 0.15 at the time of writing this comment, so if you did implement the features I am about to suggest, then it is my mistake.)

1. Allison: As I have stated before, Allison's ending simply consisted of her agreeing with the player that they would scout out locations that the player character has traveled before with the Queen (That field player) as the screen then cuts to black. The main con of this is that there were no romance nor sex scenes with Allison. (Though I do not know whether you have implemented this in future versions, having only played versions 0.10 and 0.15.)

2. Another suggestion I could make is that you could have two options of increasing your strength, charm and intelligence statistics each on the spaceship.

One option, called A, would be a low-energy, low-reward stat addition where you’d spend at least 10-20 energy points on a single training session, but gain a small stat addition of at least 1-2 points. The more expensive option, called B, would allow you to gain 4-5 points per session, but it would be more taxing, taking around 40-50 points of energy.

The reason I am suggesting this is because the prospect of going to sleep with some amount of energy left, like 20-30 energy points, instead of 0, is somewhat irritating, yet not game breaking. This new addition would allow players to completely exhaust their characters before going to bed, while getting rewarded for their actions.

3. The big one:

I would also suggest adding an optional ending, where the player would be able to pass all three skill checks (Intelligence, charm and strength) to seduce both the Queen and Allison into performing a threesome and starting a relationship with the both of them.

In case you were wondering, Intelligence to convince Allison that she could procreate with you to continue the human race, charm to convince the both of them that this is a good idea, and strength for the stamina for the imminent sexytimes. ;)

In this way, it can be a golden ending that future players can aspire to while maximising replayability.


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3.99 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2015
1:12 PM EST
Simulation - Dating