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Todd Brundle shares his excitement about a new YouTube channel he's discovered… with a certain catch. Stanley gets to the bottom of it.

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I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god that was funny Its good im home alone or my mom would look at me weird since I did a weird laugh

Not a good joke...

this was once again funny, but it was also quite unexpected....
''are they pornographic?'' no...
''are they depressing?'' no..
etc etc...
i didnt expect the last line in the end, it was very funny, hahaha!

good work once again, it was nicely animated and funny.
this could easily be made into a mini-series of the sorts, kinda like cubicle-friends, talking about life, trends and stuff.

nice, keep it up!

"OH wow. Not subscribing because he doesn't wash his hands. Really." That was funny.