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Harland Williams's FALLOPIO - Video Game Life

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Comedian Harland Williams (of "Half Baked" and "Dumb and Dumber" fame) reveals his 8-bit alter ego as sperm hunter "Fallopio" in an exclusive animated interview.

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For My Character It will Be Called: Furby (Fury + Kirby)
The Game Will take Place In the Willy World Where An Evil Enchantress Tries To Kidnap All Of The Innocent Grins And Turn them Into It's Own Minions
And You Suck Baddies To Gain It's New Abilities Like bell And Beetle.
You Protect your Willy Abeel Captain From Them, while the smile blocks build a Wall.
Hit The Baddies By Sucking them and save the smile blocks from being hurt.
The Game's Last Boss Will Be The Evil Viqura Himself.
And To Defeat Him. You Need To Suck The Crystal Ball That's Flying Around and after you suck it, ya spit it on him and he will explode into pieces.

Waddle Bee: A Regular Enemy, for players who where single and can defeat this easy lookin bossy beast.
Waddle Boo: Just Like Waddle Bee But A Bit Stronger.
Ceta Barrotene: A Big Meaty Bunny who throws stones at you.
Marx: A Hard Enemy To Fight. A Flying Soul That Sucks Your Home?! That's No good!
This Is A Boss, not an Enemy.
And Bla Bla Bla Yada Yada Yada Don't Know The Rest Of The Enemies Will just skip this.
There is 2 Bosses. One That's A Marx, and one that's Viqura. The Final boss.
In The End. The Grins Cheer Our Fellow For Doing A Best-ful Job While Fighting Viqura Himself.
And That's My Video Game Was!

Doogtoons responds:

Wow, awesome comment! Sounds like an amazing game :)

I really want to play this game...

was really funny, loved your avgn one!

Doogtoons responds:

Thanks man! - Doog

very funny, and nicely drawn/animated.

once again, you did a great work!
both the 8-bit artwork and the normal drawings of the characters were awesome.

also, it had many funny moments in there.

keep up the good work!

Doogtoons responds:

Thanks bud! More episodes are on the way! - Doog

I like it :D

Doogtoons responds:

Thanks! :)