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JAMES ROLFE (AVGN) : Video Game Life

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James Rolfe (AKA The Angry Video Game Nerd / AVGN) ponders what his life would be like as an 8-bit video game in this funny, exclusive animated cartoon interview.

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he's the angry.......video game.......nerrrrrd

absolutely loved it. Great animation and it flowed especially well. Loved the 8 bit and cartoon look. Great job 5/5

Very funny. Been a fan of the nerd since forever.

Heh, James sounded a bit like Christopher Walken at "I don't know."

I remember my first nightmare! I was a detective searching for the little mermaid in a massive open-air pink world with floating letters and numbers all around. I followed a sky bridge to where I thought she was but when I finally found her she died because she jumped into a giant toaster...

yeah, make sense of that shit!