Happy Holidays 2015

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OMG, this holiday, Santa outsourced his delivery and they are dropping gifts on him. Avoid falling gifts, and pick them up as they fall.

Keyboard Controls: "Left" and "Right" arrow key.
Touch Controls: Press "Left" and "Right" on your screen.

Free short game (but donations always welcome). I made a Santa Sprite and wanted to make a Xmas card and game for people. Everything else I used is linked below, and if you ask me for the original file, I may give you that as well.

The original Construct2 file game from--

Files used from http://opengameart.org/

(1) Modified Box Art

(2) Reference for Santa

Notes From @Kyatric
Credit this piece (CC:By License)

Copy and paste the following text into your video's credits:

"Jingle Bells" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0




Font : Snowtop caps


Transformed into spritefont thanks to blackhornet's SpriteFont generator



It`s a nice game especialy beacause....CHRISTMAS IS COMNIG!!!!!!!!!!It sucks that the gifts that are on top of each other kill you tough.

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GoOutGaming responds:

LOL, I made a lot more changes ;)

LOL, I have to re-balance it tomorrow. Before you could score 300 plus points and did not fear the gifts. There's a super box that destroys all the boxes, but I need for it to appear more often. Fear the gifts and Happy Holidays!

i like it

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GoOutGaming responds:

It's good to here simple positive feedback as well. I added a KO animation and screen :D, but I have to stop working on this for now-- just out of time. Happy Holidays!

The Good: The game is pretty fun. The controls are responsive and the concept is pretty good.

The Bad: It feels as if it can be easily refined. The game plays automatically, which means you're likely to die at least twice while reading the game's description. Which really sucks as the tutorial for the game is in the description. There also doesn't appear to be an option to mute the obnoxiously loud background music either.

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GoOutGaming responds:

Thanks, honest feedback is always good.
(1) I added a fade in text to tell players how to play for both keyboard and touch in the start of the game.
(2) I added a mute and sound reducing buttons, but I don't have to to fix the db adjustment option :/

thought it was good but only AFTER I figured it out. should have a "game over" scene when you are hit by a present. still fairly good time waster

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GoOutGaming responds:

Thanks for the feedback-- yeah I didn't want spend to much time this year on the meta stuff, just wanted to get the basic game play. I'm going to add story elements for next year.

it is a fun game, but it gets boring real quick

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GoOutGaming responds:

Thanks for the feedback-- yeah I need to add the meta game stuff later, but ran out of time. I might add the gameover screen tonight if I have time. I was thinking of random gameover screens based on scores. However, I am going to release another version next year.

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2.10 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2015
11:15 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling