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Santa's REAL?? He's got a lot of explaining to do…

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Ha ha! This was really funny. It could have been that I was just slacking off at work, but it was still funny! Casually says "Donated my right kidney to that orphan a month ago." I love this animation.-

This is what I always wondered about in these films!

Would have slightly preferred the "angry mob" ending, but great stuff.

Did not see that coming.

Come to think of it, I've never gotten a present from Santa either.


a really nice animation, with some cute drawings, both of the people, and of santa clause, dealing with some really ''ignored'' gift requests...

i liked how this started out as a strange occurrence, with santa revealing his existence to the world, and people being happy and realising that their children were right all along.
it was funny.

also, i liked how the adult dude then asked from santa about his older presents, and then... everyone began asking santa about their ''ignored gift requests''! lol
this was very funny, really cool, and nicely animated, a movie with good voice-acting, nice drawings, and cute face expressions of all the characters.
as for the ending, only a dyslexic could have predicted that about santa.
who would've known?!

hahahaha, good work mate!

Doogtoons responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I appreciate it! :) - Doog