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Todd shares stupid "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" rumors and Stanley is not amused.

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In all fairness, before disney said that all star wars lore no longer existed, Luke did fall to the dark side, of course disney doesn't care what is canon or non canon anymore, cause they basically said 'hey let's piss off every star wars fan and say that all the books and lore ever created in the star wars universe no longer exists", only disney would be so greedy, sorry got a bit off topic

Thats what I say about ANY fad.
Those who Live and Breathe the "whatever fad" need to understand that reality is more important.

Thank you!

a really funny movie about star wars, popular movies, and spoilers.
the ending was great.
i loved the final punchline.

it progressed nicely until the end, and i really liked it!

also, both your drawings, the whole animation and the voice-acting was perfect.
everything was perfect.

also, did you draw that drawing of harrison ford in the dude's PC screen?
if so, good job, sir!

oh, and BTW, those two office clerks could star in their own show...
this would call for more episodes with them ofc, and i think that it would work nicely.

other than that, this was a good movie.
nice job!

Doogtoons responds:

Todd and Stanley may actually become a series eventually. Thanks for the good words! - Doog

"Hey, no spoilers man"-- great build to this line. Classy.

Doogtoons responds:

Thanks bud!