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A cup of Pholgers (Folgers) awakens the force in you!

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wow, man... that was hillarious!
and i dont even really like the star wars trend/fashion/thing...
i LOVED the 50's-60's cheesy style of commercials, with the TV-static, the cheerful narrator and the nicely planned ''daily life of a jedi'', it was really nice!
also i loved his smile in the end, while the company said that ''pholgers: now with midichlorians!''
and those jar-jar moments, well, they were both awful+funny in their own way, hahaha!

good work sir, its a nice movie!

My about fifth video I've watched from you, and they we ALL AWESOME!

Doogtoons responds:

Glad you dig em :)

All sorts of win in here.

Hilarious. That Jar Jar scene had me dying! lol

Really funny. It is so well made and timely. A touch of genius.

Doogtoons responds:

Thanks bud!!