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Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight

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Dec 17, 2015 | 1:49 AM EST

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  • Ludum Dare 34
    Ludum Dare 34 Games with either two button controls or a theme of "grow."

Author Comments

Wargraph is my game for Ludum Dare 34. One of the themes was "2 button controls" so I made it.

It's a dogfighting game.
The game features a dynamic gameplay, lots of shooting, a swarm intelligence, 2-button controls and one boss.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was excellent. Very pure and simple. Once I got a hang of the controls, playing was a blast. The maneuvering of the plane felt very satisfying, especially making tight turns and seeing the enemy cluster attempt to follow.

The difficulty curve was pretty perfect. I got the hang of it with just a few enemies following me, and then things got interesting incredibly fast, but not in a frustrating way. Gravity and turrets worked together to create some pretty fascinating gameplay, since shooting down at enemies would mean they'd catch up to me, but shooting up at them means I'm going toward turrets. (I considered destroying the turrets, but decided avoiding them was a better plan given their ability to withstand a decent number of shots.) Trying to make those decisions on how best to react to my situation was just plain fun.

Likewise, the fact that the plane spun counter-clockwise made the game interestingly asymmetric. Knowing that I could go in one direction more readily than another and trying to use that to my advantage (and avoid the disadvantages of it) was a strangely satisfying gameplay element, and one which I haven't experienced in many games before.

The swarm, for lack of better terminology, was very cool. The instant feedback of killing many small enemies made me want to shoot for longer, which I had to balance with my fear of being overtaken by the swarm. For a Ludum Dare game, it's very clear that your main concern was making the controls and the enemies tight and smooth.

I'll also point out that, even though it was in black and white, the models looked good. They were (or appeared to be) 3D, and spun with their movement in kind of beautiful ways. I could see some color making this game even more visually pleasing, but the way it is is also excellent.

I did have some trouble understanding the things flying near me that were similarly shaped to me. I had assumed the word "friend" was sarcastic, and that they were enemy missiles, but then was unsure whether or not they were hurting me. It seemed like sometimes they were, but other times I had some flying on top of me without taking any damage, and they seemed to take out enemies when I blew them up?

I liked that the plane bounced off of the sides. It's a risky move, since it's kind of difficult to tell where the plane will go from it, but eliminated the time needed to make an actual turn. I'm also unsure how I felt about there being no health bar. I certainly felt like every time I died, it was justified, and not knowing how much health I had left made the game a bit more tense (in a good way).

And those are my thought! Keep up the great work. For a game made in such a short time, this was excellent.

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kirilllosev responds:

wow! this is the most detailed feedback i've ever read. thank you very much :)

and about "your new friend". you are right. "friend" was sarcastic and when you kill him - he creates an explosion which kills other enemies in a radius


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good solid gameplay! Pretty fun too!
Problem though is that its quite confusing at the start. Who was I, whats my objective, whats the enemy, and how are the controls...controlled.

The projectiles being shot from below didn't really hit my plane.

Also There is no health bar? How would I know when I could die?

This would be pretty cool if you added an upgrade shop and others.

What's weird is that the plane bounces when it hits the surface. Whats with that? should'nt it crash instead?

I would suggest an improvement to the controls. Flying is a bit tedious. But still though keep the theme and all that.

Anyways It's actually a good game. Great job and everything. There's a lack of music though.

Regards from a struggling youtuber

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kirilllosev responds:

Thanks for the deep comment :) I really appreciate this
I'm going to work on this game more soon and I will keep in mind your suggestions ;)