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We used to be Neighbours

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No Mercy 5 Points

Shoot at least 10 Red

The Great Wall 10 Points

Block the invadors by building the heighest wall

Emperor 25 Points

You have earned 100 points

Tyrant 50 Points

You have earned 150 points

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Red and Blue have been neighbours for ages.
But Red territory is so small and they are so many, they pass into Blue territory.
Blue need Red because they generate money, but they are also afraid of them.
You play as the leader of the Blue people.
Are you going to follow these fears to earn power...
Or are you going to try something different?

Build your wall as big as you can, enroll soldiers, shoot at Red..
But the real objective of the game as you have probably guessed is to find an alternative solution...

If you're stuck there's a clue in news on my newgrounds profile. Or you can also visit my website: http://www.axoona.net/we-used-to-be-neighbours-hint/
link to ludumDare submission:
music, graphics & dev by axoona

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Cool game

So the concept is nice I got the one ending it was an interesting style of game So First off you really put some effort and energy into This game and it keeps my interest And thats a possitive so props to you on that aspect of things, The music was unique and different So I did not get bored easily which I can tend to do in some games but with this one you did good with nice visuals and details, A fun game different but I enjoyed it


5 stars cause i love red vs blue battles

P.S. 5 Stars for good game... !

I've seen two endings, and the game did not convince me on your message.
It's kind of funny, because you yourself reward the player for being harsh tyrant much MORE in term of points, than for choosing the multi-cultural way.

I don't think you gave a good example in your game. And I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "multi-culturalism". You presented TWO NEIGHBORS, who look the SAME, and whose only difference is color? It would work better, if you wanted to make statement about "racism" and "racial issues", but even then it would be very simplistic. If we use the word "multi", I think we should talk about more than only two types, and also about a radically different types of people.

Personally, I don't believe in multi-culti, because every nation, every culture and race desires a safe space for themselves. A space, where they can just be themselves and live the way that they believe. Not to mention that multi-culti tends to be associated with media censorship, political correctness, lack of constructive criticism, and instead offers "don't worry, be happy" attitude, which is exactly what's your message was, because in your opinion, every real and serious problem magically disappears, if we just don't worry and be happy.

Now, what is happiness? The newest game, movie, product, or values, family, love, future, safety? Or having power, being superior, dominating others? Every person will have different set of values and will define happiness differently. It's funny that people think that in a concept based on different cultures and mentalities, that somehow these mixed groups of people would have unified goals, dreams, morality, and desires.

Look at USA, and how many problems this country has on daily basis. So many decades passed, and I don't see any positive progress, and I doubt I will ever see. Let's look at history. Rome became multi-cultural and it fall, Yugoslavia tried to be multi-cultural, and it ended in regular genocide. ZSRR was multi-cultural, and we know how bad this union was. Of course, these are purposely negative examples.

So let's look at positive one. Let's look at UE. It also is multi-cultural, there is huge freedom there, no dictatorship, no oppression, and yet, it has nowadays huge problems with rapes, assaults, and overall increased crime rate. And it keeps increasing. And governments are clueless on how to deal with this, as they keep debating and debating, while nothing is being done.


The game itself is okay, it's a little difficult, the graphics aren't impressive, but aren't shitty, and the gameplay is challenging, it requires a lot of trial and error, and I did try to experiment with various strategies. So definitely I can see a potential. Also, very good sounds used. So the overall aesthetics are good, and the game has this slight "artsy" feel, which is good as well.

You definitely have a potential to be a good creator, and I will look forward to your future projects.

axoona responds:

Thank's for taking the time to write such a thourough review!

Well the game is obviously a simplification of an overwise complex pro
blem. Red and blue is just an image, I explicitely didn't want to use any real identification, because you can find many other situations of "wall building" (be it religion, race, sex or sexual orientaion...), but it was inspired by the actual migrant crisis in Europe. I actually don't know of any real multi-cultural society in Europe. USRR and Yugoslavia were tyrannies with one nation imposing on all the others and nowadays what we call multi-culti in France or Britain isn't really. There's always a bunch of taboos that prevent from talking openly about rasism problems.
I do believe that we could solve many problems by accepting people as they are. What we give (or don't give) will eventually come back to us. There are bad people in this world, but I believe that most just want to live a peacefull life without hurting anyone (on purpose) no matter what their background. It's ironic that even though there are so many bad people amongst the people we call "us", we are more afraid of the peaceful people that are different in some way.

But I agree with you that nothing will ever change. The recent extreme right wing rise all around the world just confirms this. There's a lot of talking and no doing. The politicians think only about the next elections. Human rights are reinforced if there is money behind. And there's no political vision of what we would like our world to look like in 10, 20 or 50 years...

Anyway thank's again for commenting on the game! I really appriciate.

Please make it again because it is a xenofobic game

axoona responds:

umm my intention was the exact opposite... did you really play the game until the end?

Got the second ending but received 0 points. Needs more options for oppression of the reds so you can make it look like you're supporting them but really just using them as slave labor for money till they die.

axoona responds:

thank's for the suggestion. Yes, I think it would suit the game mood very well!

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2015
6:48 PM EST