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RadioTube talks about how to get from one point to another on such a massive ship.

I've been toying around with the idea of making something like this for a while now, the new Star Wars movie coming out gave me the excuse to.

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Nice detail

Well the details on this are just very realistic and to a t so props to you for bringing together the ship in one place you must have took a long time to get this done but I have to say it shows the creative style and shows the amount of time and energy that does go into something like this so with all that said props to you on such detailed work and I would love to see more work like this anyways keep up the great work

Make more stuff like this it was a dream come true


wow, once again, you've done a wonderful movie, filled with AWESOME details!
i didnt expect to see a star wars-battlecruiser when we were talking about this, so it was a pleasant surprise.

also, you have drawn the battlecruiser perfectly.
both the exterior and the interior shots of the ship are equally VERY detailed, very nicely colored, with good shading/lighting and with correct colouring

and while the spaceship was very detailed, perfectly designed and the whole thing looked so cool that i was in awe all the time, the movie also had very many funny moments, and that made me to enjoy the movie even more! :)

so yeah, its good to see both great artwork+good humour in your movies, i believe that its a nice combination.

all in all, it was a great movie, and i would love to see more like this.
thanks for letting me in, and keep up the good work!

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks! I have a model that I got online that certainly helped me get the details right. I'm glad you like the humor and everything, having you do some of the voices definitely helps me a lot.

Looks like the Indiana Jones way to traverse an interior distance, which normally would suffice... ah well, I guess the Jeffries tubes of Star Trek, trump Star Wars tech :3

Short but sweet, very detailed, perfect Edn, which kinda reminded me of The Day After (US version of The Threads)

RadioTubeClock responds:

That's a good way of thinking of it, I'm surprised the Star Wars universe hasn't come up with something more efficient.

It's on a whole other level now! A whole new module of transport! A whole new potential to behold this viewtiful comedy! Making great holes in the serene scenes of this great Earth, the ultimate doom impendi9ng, what a grand finale. This really just keeps getting better and better.


RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks! It's definitely a change in setting while still being in the same vein of things.

He should recruit more staffs for this spacecraft

RadioTubeClock responds:

This is true.

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3.49 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2015
4:30 PM EST
Comedy - Parody