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Super Dectetive 420

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You got a job in top detective agency, first investigation in murder case, so here you take your require things and go to the murder spot and find any clues related to murder with that catch the murderer.


Broken game is horrible on so many levels.
Even the person making the walkthrough doesn't know what they're doing!!!!

What is a "Dectetive"?
The premise doesn't match the gameplay. I would have preferred a hidden object game OR a puzzle game but not both. Ignoring the story/premise, it still doesn't work (see Puzzle problems).
The inventory is so frustrating. It scrolls backwards and slowly - IF it works. Items disappear and reappear. No tooltips.
The hints are useless. It just points to an available object.

Puzzle problems:
Too many of those butterflies look the same. One pair of pair is particularly bad.
How am I supposed to know about the string?
How does a push-pin open a lock?
The safe opens without a combination but rather some sort of handle key?
Instead there's a safe wallet? That doesn't even exist!
It's unclear on the time clock which is the hour and which is the minute hand. I guessed the clue correctly but I seemed to have the hands on the opposite numbers. Then it froze and I gave up.

I gave it half a star because if it was fixed it could be a decent game. Maybe changed the music to something noir-ish.

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would rate higher if the last puzzle didn't glitch on me as others had pointed out. That really takes you out of the experience, more so than the need to proof read the intro text. Again that doesn't bother me as much as the glitch with the gem turning from blue/cyan to aqua or the color of another gem. Without this last bit, I can't complete the game. I went to the walkthrough at the end to see if I was doing something wrong and it doesn't glitch there. Sorry :/ please fix the game. It was fun until then.

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Same issue with the tiles at the door, one of my yellow turned cyan with one move left to solve puzzle. I can't finish. I like the game but not enough to start over and only hope to finish.

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I don't like, i want a detective game not a find objects.

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I'm not even sure how to rate this.
This was pretty good but it seems to have messed up when I was fiddling with the colored tiles outside the door. When I was trying to do my final switch one of my purple ones turned into a cyan one giving me three total. So now I can't finish the game! :( Liked what I could play though.

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2.35 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2015
3:12 AM EST
Strategy - Other