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My 2nd animation so far, started playing around with tweens and what not. I'm beginning to understand the work flow of animation aka getting my groove on. I think I've improved since my 1st animation I posted here, so progress is being made. Added some audio, tried my best with the timing. I seriously lack in musical skills, so be gentle. Criticize away, mein freunds!


The music though is a bit way off, unfitting (I apologize if you created it yourself).
But the humor is alright.
Needs some sfx too though.

It could start off gloomy, melancholic sad. The guy dies from imbibing too much alcohol.
And slowly a ghost erupted out of him. Then the ghost wanders around and is met by death which turns out to be a duck...? (the duck could say some kind of one liner that could send chills or make it funny)

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It was a good try and a decent narrative. Also, your starter music is not bad. Keep working on it!

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The limited animation works well with this story but the absence of sound makes it feel unfinished. Put some sounds next time.

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Animation is decent. Your scenes are reasonably well drawn for a second animation. Animation is actually pretty smooth, especially for a new animator. You're getting the hang of it. Now you must tackle sound!

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Pretty good. You just need a background song.

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Anyposs responds:

yeah, I may update this video once I figure audio out.

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2.52 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2015
10:33 AM EST
Comedy - Original