The Spirits of Kelley Family

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What the hell has happened to the Kelley family??

It seems that their souls have been trapped in four mysterious crystals inside an old mansion...
Luckily you came to free them!
Solve all puzzles to retrieve the Elemental Crystals and finally release their souls!!

*** Plot ***

Alvin Kelley has just moved with his family into an old mansion.
Here Alvin will enjoy a well-deserved retirement playing with alchemy, an old passion sidelined for too long.
However, the tranquility will be disturbed by an old acquaintance returned to visit him...

*** Features ***

◆ Intricate puzzles and exciting mini-games to solve!
◆ Fantastic hand-drawn environments!
◆ A lot of items to find!
◆ Plot articulated and exciting!
◆ The Spirits of Kelley Family is translated in Italian and in English

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okay, this is fun, almost The Great House Escape fun, you know, Skutnik? However... Monky? Drawed? Work on yer Engrish, buddy. ;) Now, to the game:

1. no option to turn the music and sound off. Those should be in there, and able to be turned off separately.
2. random in-game ads. BIG NO NO. WTH?
3. The bottom interface... should be lower and less intrusive.
4. loading times for each item... not good. the flow is ruined in this case, and it's hard to interact and access items because the examine-message pops up over the items instead of somewhere else.
5. the examine message sticks on the screen. probably some coding issue... not a coder (I only learned V-Basic in school and was prevented from learning anything else when I could), but played enough games to make a fair guess.

nice game. with some polish, it could really be up there with Skutnik's stuff. good job bro.

ho trovato un creeper!!

There were some mistakes in the English game, and i didn't understand the ending but other than that i liked the game

Good game! The puzzles were challanging, but not too difficult, and the story was interesting. As soon as the game loaded I knew I would like it because of the beautiful artwork, and I was not dissapointed. However, something about it made me think that there would be a bunch of jump scares in this game despite the non-dramatic music. I was surprised by the ending. Once I accepted that there weren't going to be any jump scares I thought I was going to help the family trap the spirit. Oh well lol.

The only problems I had with this game were the errors in the diary enteries, and I wish there were more diary entries to make the story a little more clear.

1. Art
2. Music
3. Plot
4. Length of game
5. Depth and little details like magpie objects and leaves on plants when clicked
6. I thought that the water pipes puzzle was a perfect adventure game puzzle- perfect difficulty and length. It reminded me of Myst.

1. The lack of a cursor when the mouse hovers over something that can be clicked means that we have to pixel hunt, which is horrible for point and click adventure games.
2. Some puzzles were probably too linear, as I should have been able to solve puzzles in other ways that would make sense, such as using other wood planks in the house to fix the stairs, filled the vase with water in the upstairs bathroom, used the curtains to open the fire room door, etc.

1. The bookcase puzzle was DEFINITELY too hard. I don't think I could ever have solved it without looking at a walkthrough. I don't think that the majority of players would ever be able to solve it without a walkthrough either. The maze maybe was too hard, definitely too long. You should tone the difficulty of some of the puzzles down.
2. There were too many English errors in the translation. I know that English is probably not your native language, but the mistakes take the player out of the immersion of the game.

P.S. I'm still not sure if the ending means what I think it means, mostly because the English translations had mistakes and were hard to understand the meaning of.

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2015
4:14 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click