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Danny asked Dora to go to junior high Prom with him. Dora wants to go with a man, not a boy, and Danny has a squeaky voice and no facial hair. Help him grow a beard by doing manly things: Looking at "swimsuit magazines", drinking booze, and ingesting growth hormones.

Since Danny is in a rush, he doesn't stop running.

Will you take Dora to Prom?



- 5 different endings.

- 12 beards.

- (Junior) Highscool comedy.

- 2-Button Controls.

- Detailed instructions in-game.

- Striking social commentary and analysis, the likes of which can otherwise only be found in university theses.



Danny is always running.

C - Change direction.

UP Arrow - Jump.


Made with:






16-color palette by Arne @androidarts


This game was originally made for Ludum Dare 34.

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i just wish there was a reset button if i screw up my score and want to start over instead of waiting til i can start over.

pretty creative and dragging concept, and i dont get why people are saying that controls suck, they're pretty good for me. in fact, its one of the tightest controls i have ever laid my hands on. it literally has no bad sides and only good sides to it. it easily deserves a 5 star.

How the fuck am i supposed to control this fucking pubescent little shit? 2:5 stars for the shitty controls


im gonna play a game called beardgrow