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"Love is stronger than fear"

A game made for Ludum Dare 34
Theme: Growing

Made in 48 hours

Source: --REMOVED--

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really boring, confusing, and this "story" is non-existant and goes by way too fast. As a game on its own, it introduces a gameplay element and then does absolutely nothing with it. Yeah, you get chased by a giant monster and the growing and shrinking is "used", but it never helps you. Nothing happens when you shrink, it's not like you can suddenly go through little holes you couldn't go through before, nor do any options open up when you get big.

As level design goes, there's a tiny tutorial section, then there's stairs and then there's just more running across easily traversable blocks.

As a story oriented game, well, it's pretentious, meaningless and boring. There's something about theft, then you're on a boat and you're told you'll "meet yourself" and there's some self doubt which amounts to nothing because there's no prior set up, character, or anything. Are we supposed to feel sad for this character? For what character exactly? Who is this character? Is it me? Or is this supposed to be a different entity or something? Then you get chased by something, you're told you can't escape yet you easily outrun it. The thing then shrinks and kills you? Is it supposed to be metaphorical? The title of the game implies so, but it's so short and we're not given any meaningful connection to anything the game has to offer, plus it's extremely short, so it just comes off as pretentious and lazy.

I love the music and reading the text. I am still confused. Who shot me at the end?

Woah,this is so cool and powerful. :)

WiLD11 responds:

Thank you my friend *_*

Huh, you didn't post it on Ludum Dare Jam! You would have gotten more people to listen to your message. I thought the mood was really good: You set the stage well and allowed your message to be the focus of the game. :)

That being said, polish can never be understated. Even if your point is only to say something to the viewer, the viewer will be way more likely to listen if they feel immersed without distractions from clunky physics and such.

It's good though! I hope more people understand it for you!

WiLD11 responds:

Thank ye Zanz! Love your work ^_^

Weird, but I like it.

The main problem: extremely short, but well.