Gym of the Romantic Journey 5: Eggs in One Basket

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Your standard power swords, moon tiaras, and ultimate forms are a great way to win a lot of fights, but when you bet everything you've got on being able to use a single technique, you leave yourself open to your instructor changing the rules so you can't use that technique.

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And was "bed ridden for one week"?
I'm afraid I don't understand this term but... I liked the video anyway.

I like this episode's world building. Showed more of why they're training. Also continued with showing Alexis is a total bitch.

I'm a bit old for plots like this, but it seems to be broadcast quality work, all around. And hey, who doesn't like a good character study, steep odds, classic conflicts... okay, I'm hooked! Looking forward to new episodes!

lovely style, good voice acting and also smooth animation! Good job!