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Stale Dee's Adventures Quest

rated 2.51 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Dec 10, 2015 | 4:56 AM EST

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Author Comments

Controls: *Press Enter to Start*

- Use A and D or the Right/Left Arrows to move Left and Right.
- Press W and use your long arm of the law to get you out of sticky situations or to places you normally couldn't.
- Press Spacebar to Jump.
- Press S to Crouch.


-Jump on the Boxes to reach higher places.
- Collect Podtots for extra points
- Avoid the beasts!

Are you looking for a wholesome family fun adventure? then look no more for you have stumbled upon the magical land of Deneria! Help Stale Dee fight his was peacefully into the heart of the enemy nation of Harper. Will you be the chosen one? Alas this adventure is currently in the making and thus is only a DEMO but fear not! More shall come.

May the Denarian Priestess Guide your travels young ones!!!!!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

spooky game i like it

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Before I played this game, I was stuck at a dead-end software development job making 150k a year. Since playing it, I have quit my job and decided to follow my dream of game development. Truly an inspiration. I understand that this game was probably developed by a large development team with considerable resources, but that won't deter me. If I can create a game with even half of the quality of Stale D's, I will consider it a win. If a reluctant sloth can power through his insecurities and make real change, so can I. I only hope to one day be worthy of his admiration.

Let's start with the music:

The compositions seem at first somewhat abrupt and atonal, but closer listening will reveal the dense complexity contained within. The polyphonous melodies compliment the game's visual aesthetics in what can only be considered a breathtaking synthesis. The best way to enjoy the music is to listen to it repeatedly at high volumes, preferably with company.

music 5/5

Now onto the visuals:

Having personally worked with such eminent artists as J. Pollock (I knew him as simply "Jack") and the Peter Solomon (animator at Greenish studios) it is clear to me that the visual engineer behind Stale Dee took their works as inspiration. The character models have real texture and you can tell that the background images weren't created in mere minutes. I suspect there was a team of artists laboring diligently through each nuanced asset. I particularly enjoyed Stale's claw, for which the shading on the upper claw would take an experienced artist around 4 hours to render. As I mentioned earlier, the visuals and the music matched perfectly, and the coherence of the art direction was manifest.

Game art 5/5

Now for the real meat: gameplay.

Stale D, while obviously modeled on earlier side scrolling platformers (e.g. Super Mario Bros., Jazz Jackrabbit) has taken an innovative approach to movement. Through the use of the extendable claw mechanic, the protagonist Stale can seamlessly traverse the landscape of Dennarand (at the risk of spoiling the plot, this is the name of the game's world). The combat in the game is as enjoyable as it is existent, pitting you against the hellish Harpyan warriors, (I hope I spelled that right) in a battle for the sloth homeland. The gameplay is not perfect, however. I feel like the designer left a lot to be desired in the collection mechanic in the game. I wanted to collect all of the
podtots in each level, but I feel like this was occasionally too difficult. I fear this may make the game less accessible to some. Overall, however, it was well-balanced and I never felt like it was too easy or too hard.

gameplay 4/5


Whether you are young or old, male or female, gay or straight, religious or godless, you owe it to yourself to experience the power that is Stale Dee's Adventures Quest. It just may change your life as it did mine.


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Rated 0 / 5 stars

No way of knowing how to proceed past the area that the blob is in. Arm appears useless. animations are so awful that they belong in a psychological horror game, or alongside Salad Fingers. Awful cacophonous music that befits the animations. Glitchy and poor gameplay.