Play Hentai Heroes!


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Comedy - Parody

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Dec 9, 2015 | 5:58 PM EST

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Author Comments

Animation collaboration with:
I'm further delving into the realms of female deepthroating ever since I invented it :P

This time, Peridot from Steven Universe takes a gander at it. Shapeshifting, and not needing to breathe turned out to be really handy when it comes to this particular niché fetish xD



Rated 2 / 5 stars

weird stuff, man. secondly, check out the loser under m, cmon, do it. do iiit.

Kattlarv responds:

It's a prodigy project :P
And it's just a spineless troll that can't defend themselves for squat. They started bawling because they didn't get a 5/5 on their shovel-ware, haphazard project. And being too inept to retort properly, they just threw a tantrum, and made new accounts just to further harass.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Just a FYI, I've been in the business for 15+ years. And I've had dozens of high name artists and popufurs run crying from me such as Atryl, Fisk, Kevinsano, Wolfy-Nail, Quilo, Doxy, Mittsies, Shenhibenki, Shadman, Freako, Sparrow, Fatelogic, Das, White_Kitten, The_Smiling_Pony, Notmenotyou and many, many more. So if you wana go down that path, don't expect to come out on top. I can casually decimate scam/hack artists before breakfast. If you wana disregard critique, go right ahead. But cut out your little tantrum before you get burned. Just a fair warning.
Anyhow~ You got some clipping issues with his hand and jizz as they go into his hyper dick. Not to mention the urethra flops about. Did really well on the expressions and shading however. (though, the shadows are a bit confusing, as it's not really clear from where the light source is emanating from.)
With the last scene, I am guessing it's implied the viewer is a peeping tom, if so, it was conveyed pretty well. Doesn't explain any of the other angles... so a bit disconnected there. Still, pretty decent status quo pandering.

P.S. 1776 will commence again!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

There is some clipping issues, and the nipples for instance flicks between what position they are at. The sounds are kinda "eh". Gotta be into more squelchy stuff to appreciate them I think. So could be personal bias as I like the more subtle/realistic type. Plus, they get really repetitive and a bit "ooc". But alas, it is a bit of a taste question I reckon. Personally think he could have gone "fuck!" way less times but xP
Anyhow, overall it's pretty decent. Think you can get good with some practice. But as of now it's really run of the mill, hyper "dude with tits" futa porn. Not all graphics mesh too well. But they do it decently at least. Any fan of this will likely enjoy it, as it is the typical "more of the same" that that type of fan is after :3 For them I reckon this would be more, 3-4 stars.

Kattlarv responds:

You know, copy+pasting a review just because you are upset you didn't get a 5 star for a first time try is immensely childish.

Especially if taking out your futa fanaticism.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

this is something i dont think ill ever trully get use to but good stuff either way :p

Kattlarv responds:

Maybe, maybe not. Generally gotta inch your way toward new things. And generally start with something in between.

But yeah, finding out if we like something new takes on average ~15 days. And we can't go into it with a negative outlook. Our brains are kinda weird but xP


Rated 5 / 5 stars

you should do marceline and bubblegum

Kattlarv responds:

Been thinking of it tbh.
Just gotta find someone to collab with. Which is hard, as most artists exclusively knows only how to draw dicks xD Heck, famous ones like Sparrow, Shadman and the like barely grasps the basics of how to draw pussy. That's somehow like, super hard for people to wrap their head around.