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Subway Clash 3D

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Crush, kill and destroy your enemies.

Controls: A/W/S/D - movement, SPACE - jump, C - crouch, LMB - fire weapon, RMB - zoom in, TAB - score table.

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How do you jump on iPad?

Ok, this game needs:
- Menu/options
- More/larger maps
- New Weapons
- someway to switch and hold 4 or 3 weapons at the same time

Fun little game.

Animations are silly, you never have to reload, crouching is weird. And when you zoom in to shoot someone it's kinda.. Different. (It'd probably be better if it didn't go first person, unless you added Snipers).

I saw that the characters are known as Ai's.... Are you planning on adding multiplayer?

Awesome FPS, like Quake or Unreal or Half-Life, but at first I thought that my buttons was not working, or working but in not that order which shall be, eg. W = backwards and S was right sight.
What was wrong I don't know, but I reboot my computer and was all right :)

This is a great little FPS. The aiming was almost a little too easy at times, though. I felt like the sights would jump to my targets a lot and I often felt like I didn't have to try too hard to aim. It could certainly use expansion but for a free game, this is awesome! I look forward to seeing if you take it anywhere else.