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Saturday Morning Bloodborne

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I made a cartoon intro based on my favorite game of the year

See it on YouTube!

Thanks for front page tom :)

blah blah blah too short etc

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this was amazing

Amazingly authentic.
Totally looks like it came from the mid 90s.
The audio distortion, then, is on point.

Bravo! that was an epic animation. It was a little choppy at times in animation but that's okay. I Really love how you used the 1980's TV tint thing. Made it feel like a legit Saturday Morning Cartoon. Well Done

Man oh man did you nail down the old VHS Animation vibe. Felt a lot like one of those ads I would watch through until the tape got to the feature presentation. You even nailed down the filter for grainy colours of a screen shot. Did you use the green, red and cerulean filter trick for that?
The animation was a little choppy and rigid, but that in some places kind of works, especially since with old fashion cell animation, thats just how it would look sometimes. In some shows would have sudden arm to the left suddenly to the front. Or choppy only three image walk cycles, from some old cartoons I used to watch remind me of this... Disneys Gargoyles and Evangalion come to mind.

If this was an actual saturday morning cartoon, I would totally watch it! Splendid work man!