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Enter into Darkness 3

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Author Comments

This is it!...its been a long time coming and its finally here. This will be the last chapter of Enter into darkness. This will not be the last one made just the last one available for free. The series will continue onward and advance from text based to actual game play. (Pretty sure you saw it coming after the events of Chapter 2.

In this finally installment you will not journey alone, this time around you and another member in your party will venture into the darkness full deranged creatures and then some. What's new in this final installment?

- Hardcore story that has multiple situations.
- Brand New Roles.
- New Skill System
- Multiple Boss battles.
- Multiple endings for each role.
And much, much more. Alright enough talk, let's enter the darkness one more time! May the gods be with you.

Spread the word, check the site and show the support. Thanks and enjoy.

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The gameplay was great for this style of game, the story of it was not bad at all either, the reason I can only give 4 stars and not 5 is because I wound up in an endless loop of the same options over and over again until I died, this did not happen on just one run and always happened at the same point. The loop occurred with all the characters I played and with all items I used. In the loop I tried all possible options, but was not able to get anywhere other than the options that I had already gotten before. The combat system also seems to be a bit wonky in that it always chooses what the hand hovers over first regardless of whether or not you can preform the other available option.

Some things that could be worked on in the future if you are planning on continuing this game(which I hope you are)
1. Grammatical fixes
2. Unique character models for each class
3. Improved story path to prevent the endless cycle from happening again
4. I was still underground when the cycle started so I am not sure if you are able to use the items found yet, but if you can't then definitely that
5. Possibly formatting the game so that people on windows 10(As Masterhellgod suggested) can play this game and accurately review it instead of just complaining.
6. A continuation out of the mole holes in case you didn't get there, again refer to endless cycle as to why I don;t know if you got there or not.

As a side not away from the game itself, I read a few comments and while they may not be the best or most supportive try to maintain your composure and don't stoop to their level. Just remember that whether or not it is just your reputation affects the reputation of the game.

Newshield responds:

Thanks for the review. We'll check through the game and announce an update when we find anything that needs fixing. We really don't focus on the insults that much this is why we respond without using foul language. It feels like this is what they wouldn't expect but, we pay attention more to people who wanna see us do better and actually give useful feedback. The area where it loops?...did you get stuck in the Horror Gate? If so that's because you're suppose to. You have to make the right choice to get out. (Its a maze, get it) we've done spell check and have found no errors but, well check again. Yeah, in the next installment each class will be customizable. Yes, the items are useful for both you and you're troop. You don't find that out until way later on. We're starting out on a new project though that's why we're taking a break from this one. So, be looking forward to that being released soon.

You people must have that crappy Windows 10 because I was able to get pass the second Newshield Presents screen with no problem. After reading the reviews it has come to my attention that its not the creator's fought you're computer functions horribly.

I swear people, check to see if the problem is the game are you before you start flamming. @demicrown you need Jesus and a slap across the face. Why don't you leave Newgrounds. I've checked your page and you haven't given anything to the site except your asshole (your opinion). You don't like someone defending their creation whether good or, bad why play it? why waste your time reviewing it? No offense to you but, like I said I read everyone's comments and I don't like yours because you jabbed at a creator defending their art.

Everyone else, you should give the game another try and yeah the content is getting overused but, the submitter sees this and that's why this one was the final one. Sorry to rant but, like I said don't bash people for defending their creation. <PEACE>

Newshield responds:

Thank you for your vote and your review. You said it better than I could've said it.

Same, won't load. The creator replied the fix earlier, but that works only for the first "Newshield presents" page. When you get past the story and onto the second "Presents" page (with the red background), it won't go forward, no matter any enter keys, spacebars, clicking, etc.

wont load

Sorry, I get stuck on the "proudly presents" page too. As the other commented noted, this game (as far as I could get) is full of typos and is rather trite. Go ahead, give me your snarky reply. It doesn't change the fact that your game is unplayable. There are many people on newgrounds who publish FREE games that are excellent and creative. If you can't handle this reality and the accompanying criticism, leave newgrounds.

Credits & Info

2.04 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2015
1:08 AM EST