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Unexpected cataclysm hit on the peaceful islands. Can you complete all 25 levels?

Thanks to Vasily Shabanov(https://about.me/remdyx) for a great music!
Playlist of songs:
01. "Our Happiness" (sounds when you open a level editor)
02. "There's Nobody Who Cares" (main menu theme)
03. "That You Have" (levels from 13 to 25)
04. "Probably Best Place in the World" (levels from 1 to 13)
05. "When Will Glance in the Black Abyss of Nothingness" (sounds in already created user's level)
06. "Silence" (in credits)

EDIT(05.12.2015): FLOOD on the front page! Thank you very much!

Update(05.12.2015): Camera don't resets after "game over". Level restarts automatically after you lose.
Controls (keyboard)

WASD - move the camera
E - change drawing mode
R - restart the level
SPACEBAR - next turn
1..9 - change type of tiles which you draw (editor only)
Description of tile types

Ground - just empty tile
Water - consume neighboring tiles(except wall and mountains)
mountains - water can't flood it
Wall - water can't flood it (you can delete and put it on level)
sand - just empty tile, but you can't put wall here
Home - you must defend it
Factory - gives you 1$ per turn
Dump - takes away from you 1$ per turn
Toxic waste - you should destroy it before finishing the level
Camp - allow you to destroy 1 home
Meters Description

$ meter
First number is amount of $ you have right now
Second number is amount of increase or decrease of your $ in next turn

C meter
First number (before '/') is amount of destroyed homes
Second number(after '/') is amount of camps
About editor

Width and Height of level should be in gap from 1 to 35.

Press "test" button to test your level in game mode. Press it again to return to editor mode.

Press "fill"/"draw" to switch to draw or fill mode.

Above them you can find type of tiles which you using for drawing. Press it to choose next type of tiles. (you can also press 1..9 on keyboard)

Press "out" button. Code of your level will pop up. You can copy that code and paste it somewhere else.
About level code

Level code must consist of letters and numbers. Other symbols is not allowed. Game could crash if you input gibberish instead of level code. You have been warned.

If you want to play levels made by other people
1) copy code of level
2) go to "Play the custom level"
3) insert code into dash-box
4) press "done"

enjoy the game :)

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I like it, but it needs work. The cells won't fill in when i click, and the tutorial doesn't do a good enough job to show me how to properly do this if i am in fact doing it wrong. its a good idea. it needs streamlining. Im confused by it, for the most part. Maybe its just me, but thats my opinion.

Novel idea and well thought-through game mechanic.

However, the playability of this game would improve tremendously with the addition of an (unlimited) UNDO button. As is, it is frustrating to have to restart after 30+ turns because of a mistake in the 31st.

The idea is quite unique, the interface flawed, the gameplay rewarding, but the learning curve is very, very far from decent, when after very straight answered 15-Pipe you get 16-Dig where after several tries I can't get more than 5 free $. I still couldn't get past it so I can't know if it's very, very misplaced and should happen near the end, or if there are something around 20 levels missing between 15 and 16, but this is a huge flaw to the game, lack of save system being a close second.

So, as I suddenly can't by any way get past a certain level I have to leave this game unfinished and I'm afraid I won't be back without a walkthrough.

In 15, all you have to do is stall the proceeding water as long as possible creating curved path and deleting wall divisions after they're all surrounded - the idea is simple. 16 is a frustrating annoyance blocking the path to the rest of levels.

Why is it linear again? If I could play the levels in any order there wouldn't be a problem.

one of the excellent games i had to play.

Hoork responds:

Your words really warm me. Thank you for your kinds words.

Well, i like the game, but can't get past the 9th level, because there isn't enough moves, the max number of walls i can get is 28, but it doesn't cover the houses entirely.
But i discovered a way to put walls in the top row of tiles, it is possible if you click in the extreme down left of the square.
Please fix 9th level strategy

Hoork responds:

Actually, you need 28 walls to fully cover the houses. Maybe, you put some of them in the wrong place (in the corner near the houses, for example).

Thanks for playing!