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Animated from the audio dialogue of Markiplier's playthrough of "Huniepop" and his first encounter with the hidden character "Momo". Mark doesn't want to touch her NoNo. Don't worry Tom, this animation is family-friendly, no actual bestiality.

My apologies ahead of time for making such a mildly fan-service-ish animation, I'm sure Mark himself is going to be sooooooo pleased this exists (he'll likely despise it).

This is my first attempt at exporting a high framerate (60 fps) video. Here's hoping the extra hours of rendering time are worth it. This is also my first attempt at using 3D models built in Mixamo's Fuse, which, like Source Filmmaker, is free and very easy to use.

Special thanks to Simon "Sintful1" for sharing the Markiplier model.

Have something cooler on the horizon, view the previews at the ending credits for a taste of what's to come.


Good thing it isn't the 'Other Stuff'

The character models looked really wierd, but still good nonetheless.

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mohawkade responds:

The character models were created with an easy-to-use character-creation program called Mixamo Fuse, it works very much the same way your run-of-the-mill RPG character creator does. Choose your gender and adjust the sliders for different body parts. You can get a close resemblance, but not 100% perfect.

Though, if the option were available, I would've opted to use a 3D scanned model of Mark instead. As for the girl, her model is the 2nd iteration, the first model I built was made with a cartoonish appearance in mind, but it turned out really ugly. So I went for a realistic approach on the 2nd build of her.

i suggest that u put the credits and the references in the comments. (youtube url)
and of course give some credits to markiplier.

Good stuff, still this guy is fcking annoying... :D

Nice editing , that is hilarious

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3.90 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2015
1:45 AM EST
Comedy - Parody