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[SFM] Warframe - The Stalker

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This is also available on my Youtube Channel. Check it out.

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Okay, so ....whats the point of the ending??

i like it

Lovin this

Klaytoid responds:

Lovin you! Thanks for the comment and review!

while im not very familiar with the ''warframe'' universe and characters, i gotta say, this was INCREDIBLY well done, with amazing use of 3-D design, and quite realistically drawn characters (for warframe aliens, that is!)
i also liked that the ''girl'' was drawn sitting on the sofa, watching TV, while she was wearing a hoodie, and then the ''stalker'' alien appeared, and it was funny and very nicely designed.
i also liked the ''flirtatious''/'sexy' pose of the ''stalker'' alien.
pretty nice. nicely done!

overall, a good movie, and a funny joke!
great 3-D visuals, man!
keep it up! (and plz do more)

Klaytoid responds:

Thank you so much. I appreciate this review. I'll make tons more in the future.