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Cell Eat Cell

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Author Comments

You can download this game for FREE on your Android mobile:

Welcome to the cytoplastic jungle or what some call the primordial soup!

You're a single hungry Cell in a sea of giant virus Cells.
Evade the bigger virus Cells or they'll eat you alive.
Eat the smaller virus cells and grow bigger in size each time you eat.
It's a endless struggle

Be careful, it's a cell eat cell world out here.

How to play:

- Press and hold anywhere on the screen to move upwards.
- Release to move downwards.
- Eat the smaller Cells.
- Avoid the bigger Cells.
- Look out for splitters , they tear your in two.

Three game modes:

- Standard: Eat as much as you can
- Gigantus: How fast can you become the largest cell?
- Survival: Stay alive as long as you can.

Collect DNA to customize your own Cell.
Become a Giant eye or Pizza !

Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game!

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Single-direction only controlled by mouse-click which is too slow = swing and a miss.

Too many red spikey things split you up, too many "you're fucked" moments where you have zero chance of escape, and you can't last long enough to get more than a few single digit gold blocks. Some blobs split unexpectedly into two even without needing to collide with the red spikeys.

Worst of all: crappy collision physics. I can "dodge" around those giant sun blobss by floating between the rays... nope. It eats me still, even though I clearly didn't touch it. Th-thanks.

Your "Three game modes" are all the freaking same. THEY'RE ALL THE SAME.

It would take hours upon hours to unlock all those balls, and none seem to be any different than any other.

Nice graphics, needs to be better though. There's no reason to buy new balls because they're all the same, and it's just a game of luck with a bit of strategy vs. bad design.

ZeroFlagGames responds:

You have a different objective for each game mode.
1. eat as much as you can.
2. reach 100% mass
3. survive as long as you can

We've updated the progression at bit. Maybe it'll make you less angry now.

This seems like it could be an addictive game, but it needs some work to get there. Two major adjustments I'd make in the playability:

1) Bad luck factor: To be fun, a game needs to have a balance between skill and chance. A certain measure of luck is good to keep the player on their toes, but when random chance can just send three massive cells at you, filling the screen and making it impossible to avoid regardless of skill, that's sloppy game design. You should have some logic in the algorithm that prevents the large cells from creating an impossible situation. A ratio that basically sets a limit on the percentage of vertical space that the combined cells can occupy, to ensure that there is always some way to escape. It might be narrow, it might require a really difficult maneuver, but it shouldn't be impossible.

2) Useless upgrades: I may be mistaken on this one, I've only played long enough to get the soccer ball and 78rpm upgrades, but I don't see any change in the game play with the upgrades. It just seems to change your appearance, but there aren't any changes in speed or maneuverability. So collecting all of that DNA does you no good other than to just give you a different icon to bounce around. It would be better if there were some concrete improvements, perhaps in speed, gravity, size gained from eating, shields (so you can take one or two hits from large cells without dying), DNA magnets, etc. I'm just throwing out possibilities. But otherwise, it feels like a massive waste of time to try and collect thousands of these things just to have a pizza icon.

ZeroFlagGames responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism. The upgrades are indeed just skins not upgrades. I guess we could make that clearer.
We've changed the progression to make it a bit more fair. But I do like your idea of a powerup te be able to take few hits. I'll try to convince our gameplay designer.

A twist on flappy bird. Next time try an original idea.

ZeroFlagGames responds:

Thank you.

Oh, I see, You just blend the flappy birds and agar.io together. Honestly, It's boring. Gameplay didn't have actual strategy, and you need only hope, that fatass cell don't spawn in front of you.

p.s. 2100 points for a pizza cell? Isn't that too much?

ZeroFlagGames responds:

I've updated the progression a bit. I hope it's a little less boring now.

p.s. It's a really tasty pizza!

Credits & Info

2.58 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2015
11:13 AM EST