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Guts and Glory

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Author Comments

A project done for The Kadar Game Center, Shenkar as part of the Game Design and Development training program.

The zombie apocalypse has arrived and we have bad news - you didn't make it.
Now you have to fight for what little food there is left.
Bring your friends over and have a fight to the death.

Currently local multiplayer only.

Default controls: (For SCRUBS who don't visit the Options menu)

Zombie 1:
Arrow keys move
O block
P weak attack
[ medium attack
] fierce attack

Zombie 2:
Y, N, G, J move
Q block
W weak attack
E medium attack
R fierce attack

Debug buttons: (for awesome people)
Backspace - show/hide hitboxes
"." (period) - enter frame-by-frame mode / next frame
"," (comma) - exit frame-by-frame mode
alt+enter - toggle fullscreen

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portal/view/666 661

was this proposital

BrainDigger responds:

Not really.
You should check out portal/view/666666
The person who submitted that game knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

Not too bad. Hard to control though. And very confusing on the controls. try playing it with someone, and you'll see. You messed up on them.

BrainDigger responds:

Thank you for playing Guts and Glory.

We have played the game with it's default controls. A lot. We, the development team, have been gaming on PCs since the early 90's so we're used to arrows being on the right and actions being on the left, much unlike today's common standard of WASD controls.
If the default controls are not to your liking, they can be changed through the options menu. You can even map the controls to your favorite gamepad or fightstick.

need button instructions and need zombie eating that food when won and i love the animation of fighting.

BrainDigger responds:

There's button configuration in the options menu. Instructions are for games with no configuration. :P

Animating the zombie eating the food was an un-reached stretch goal. =\

Very in need of more development. Button placement need to be stated because after awhile of playing did I even know how to move Zombie #2, and I still haven't figured out how to attack with Zombie #1(If you can). Also maybe put a little more into it, like a character select for a zombie? Because even if you did add the Button Placement, The Reply value is very, very low. But I can see it being a Good game.

BrainDigger responds:

Since you can change the buttons in the options menu, I figured there's no need to state what the default controls are. I've added a list of all default keyboard controls to the description.

This game was a school project made in only two months. As I was the sole animator in this process - Animating more than one character was out of the question.

If you had played it with a friend and have bothered to rebind the controls, I bet you'd have played more than just one round. :)

First of all, Really close to game number 666666

Second, This game is fun, but repetitive. The game play is great, but I'd love to see variety; Different locations and zombies.

And that final form is OP if you get cornered by it.

BrainDigger responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to write your opinion on my work.

Someone planned taking 666666 long before it was reached... So I had no chance anyway.

Unfortunately, A fighting game with frame-by-frame animated characters can't have many characters and stages for free. Also, this project was made in the span of only three months. We wanted to have a female zombie too but we barely finished animating just the one zombie.
I would have taken it to Kickstarter from here but this is a school project and copyrights are troublesome.
I'm already working on the next game.

And OP is good when you're dying. I wanted to give a player who's close to losing a fighting chance.

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2015
3:36 PM EST